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10 mile trail run yesterday, hot yoga this morning.  Can you guess which one I considered miserable?  Like many dedicated runners, I ended up loving the sport because I'm not coordinated enough to do much else. Plunk a very klutzy me into a 105 degree room and it's a recipe for dread.  While the sheer volume of sweat produced while doing this particular sort of yoga is astonishing and the heat is almost sickening, I left feeling like a million bucks.  While unfamiliar and somewhat unpleasant it pretty much melted any aches from my running muscles.

I'm going to call it a night so I can rest up for tomorrow's run.  I'm still deciding where to run tomorrow morning.  I can't decide between the Incline/Barr Trail or Red Rocks (my go-to).  Any suggestions? Leave a comment :)

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