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ROLL 2010 Fresh Gear now available ONLINE!

ROLL 2010 is now updated, running and available
online. The slideshow for opening night is automatic
at rollbikeart.com. Just click on the tab for ROLL 2010-
Fresh Gear and then click again on any photo to begin.
Fresh Gear 2010 was the most photographed ROLL
ever! A big shout out to our shutterbugs: Allen
Beauchamp, Eric Baar, Joyce Pellettera, Dave Horne,
Laszlo Palos, and Amy Seltzer. I would like to invite
the public to send in their best shots of the flatland
BMX performance on Saturday. If you had your
camera out, send me your angle of the stunts!

I would like to thank all the staff of the BAC. We
formed a great partnership and I look forward to
working with you on next year's show... Linda, Liz,
Tim, LuDell and Dale, thank you each and every one!

ROLL 2011 - "Lucky #7" is coming your way 19 Aug -
30 Sep 2011 at Venue 515! I am looking for volunteers
to help with publicity for our 2011 event, people to assist
with planning the educational event, people to assist with
planning the musical event(s), people to assist with plan-
ning the catering, and people to contact our sponsors.
Our first meeting for all volunteers will be coming up
before Hallowe'en in Old Colorado City so email me
with your availability ASAP or call today at 471-ROLL!

My heartfelt thanks go out to all our volunteers, attendees
and all those who helped make ROLL 2010 a tremendous


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