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     Sometimes running is just running. It's a task to be checked off on the list of daily "have to's." Maybe it's chronicled and simplified into some combination of numbers on our log. Maybe it isn't.  It's a part of our routine. Nothing more, but certainly nothing less. Something as natural as breathing.

     Sometimes running is a struggle. It's the last thing we want to do. Something we don't have time for. Something we don't have energy for. Something we despise. Something that hurts. Something we know will serve us well, if only we begin. 

     Sometimes running is play. It's unscripted joy. It's spontaneous. It's a game of tag on a playground or a dash across the street in the pouring rain. It's exploring a new trail on a map, or a game of chase with your kids before bath time.

     Sometimes running is failure. It's what we can't have. An impossible PR. An unattainable goal that we chase. It's the unrealistic expectations we place on ourselves. It's frustration in an injury that shifts us from participant to observer. It's the family needs that trump personal, more selfish indulgences.

     Sometimes running is art. It's rhythm. It contains structure and the detailed timing of sheet music. Or it may be a jazz piece, flowing with the terrain as it's encountered. It's improvisation. It's a masterpiece performance praised across the world. Or it's an unknown piece that no one else will ever see. 

     Sometimes running is success. It's dedication to a goal. It's perseverance. It's empowerment. It's what we do to prove others wrong. It makes us a better person, even when we're doing things other than running. 

     Sometimes running is therapy. A time to vent to others. Or a time for silent meditation. An opportunity to mentally process this ever changing life. A chance to solve the problems of the world. Or to simply let them go.

     Sometimes running is community. It's social. It's uplifting. It's without judgment. It's receiving as well as sharing encouragement. It's celebrating our neighbors. It's helping one another. 

     On April 4th, you are invited to celebrate all the reasons you love running. There will be a community run and scouting trip for the Cheyenne Mountain 50k/25k/25k relay that will occur later in the mo.... Tim Bergsten and Michael Pharis are teaming up to direct the race. Justin Ricks from Mad Moose Events will be doing the timing. And all of the above mentioned folks are making gracious donations to Achilles Pikes Peak, an all inclusive running/walking/moving group here in the Springs. Whether you want to race or volunteer, please show your support of these wonderful people in our community.

     For the community run on April 4th, the plan will be to meet outside of the park at the Safeway on 6520 S. Academy Blvd at 9:00 am. From there, we'll organize and arrange a massive carpool caravan to get everyone in the park in the most economical manner. We'll then break into various groups based on speed and distance preferences (all paces and abilities are welcomed). As a bonus, you'll get a chance to pick the brains of some of the local trail running elite as they'll be leading the various groups. And finally, because recovery is just as important as the training itself, we'll also plan to refuel and socialize at a picnic/barbecue afterward. Please bring something to share if possible!


     It's guaranteed to be a great time so tell your friends. Please RSVP through PikesPeakSports.us or Gociety so that we have an idea of how many to expect.  Let's come together!

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