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Mighty Marmot kicks ass in Donkey Derby

I was able to proudly represent the Mighty Marmot race team this weekend at the 87th annual Donkey Derby Days in Cripple Creek. What a way to mix up my Triple Crown training routine! 

Who needs to go all the way to Spain for the Running of the Bulls when there is a perfectly good donkey stampede in our own back yard? This Saturday I was lucky enough to win the drawing to run in the famous Donkey Derby through Cripple Creek. With the help of our lovely burros, we hauled ass through town, carrying pick axes and bags of ore and navigating an "aspen tree" obstacle course, before grabbing a gold brick to carry across the finish line.

While I'm sure my sweet old running companion Smokey was a gallant steed in his prime, he proved to be, ahem, stubborn as an ass - but after some coaxing and encouragement we managed to place 8th (... out of ten.) Winning isn't everything - more importantly, it was the most fun I have ever had in a race. 

Training for the Triple Crown of Running can be serious business, but it doesn't have to be. Thankfully, the Pikes Peak region has plenty of weird and wacky events to zest up your training regimen. (Aside from the Donkey Derby, you can get next's years training started early by participating in the Emma Crawford Coffin Race or in Pawtoberfest)

Until next time, cheers to my fellow Triple Crown Runners out there!

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