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3D Course Flyover - Summer Roundup Half Marathon

I ran the new course for the Summer Roundup Half Marathon for the first time today, and it sure is a beautiful and challenging course. I think the move to Cheyenne Mountain State Park makes the Triple Crown of Running even better (go Marmots!). 

For racers who may not get the chance to check out Cheyenne Mountain State Park in person before the race, I thought I'd upload this 3D course flyover to give you a sense of what the terrain is like:

Relive '3D Course Flyover - Summer Roundup Half Marathon'

(Note: I'll update this blog post if I'm able to correct a glitch with the photos - they're supposed to appear on location during the flyover, not all at the end.)

For Strava users, here is a route based on my run, including the elevation profile (with some slight GPS/elevation glitches). Note how steep the section around mile 7 is - on race day I'm going to force myself to save energy during this stretch, so my legs are in better shape for the subsequent downhill but somewhat rocky stretch. 

Marmot, out. Look forward to seeing all of you on race day!

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