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JFK 50 miler review, nearly a year too late!

November 2019 already? Here is my JFK 50 race report from November 2018. It is a rosy race report because it is helped by the kind filter of time.

The last time I talked about this race, in October 2018, I was debating which shoes to use. I continued debating which shoe to use until the days before the race, but the snowy conditions on the hilly Appalachian trail section forced me to pick the trail shoe. I was so happy I made that choice, the trail was soaked with inches of water in some sections. After a few miles I gave up looking for footing and hoped for the best as I ran through the puddles. Don't fall, don't fall. 

Somewhere along the trail a guy told me I was the 45th lady. My initial reaction was, who's counting out 45 places? Second reaction (all in my head), I should go catch some ladies! This motivated me to push the remaining downhill trail. 

My friend Katie offered to carry some supplies to an aid station along the flat tow path, so I gave her my road shoes hoping I could switch out of the heavy trail shoes. However, after the soaking on the trail and a few miles on the flat path I knew my current socks and shoes were never coming off my feet. Dry socks and shoes would rip my wrinkled feet to shreds. I hoped my friend wasn't stressing about catching me along the trail, because I didn't want those shoes!

For water, I went with a handheld bottle and switched water and electrolyte drinks that the aid stations provided. For nutrition, I stuck mostly to energy gel packets and other food items supplied at the aid stations. I took old gloves and arm warmers so I could toss them once it warmed up.

Along the tow path, around mile 30, I caught up with my friend Jon. We shared a few miles and plotted to steal some bicycles to end our misery of the endless tow path. Somehow Jon pulled ahead in the last 10 miles as we climbed away from the tow path.

I finished in 8:50:08 and 22nd female. I detested the endless towpath but enjoyed the trail section and the competition. After a year of forgetfulness I would consider doing this race again.

Current training progress

I'm up to 24 miles in one week and I ran my first snow run for the season. My run intervals are getting longer every week with a current maximum of 8 minute run intervals. Slowly I'm getting closer to my normal running pace. I've added some swim and bike training to get ready for a super sprint triathlon in the middle of November.

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