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This weekend I completed a mini-triathlon at the local gym. I'm calling it a mini since the distances don't line up within the typical race categories. The distances were 200 yd swim, 10 mile bike on a spin bike and 3 mile run on the treadmill. 

In my enthusiasm I started the swim at sprint speed. The first lap was feeling fast, but then the lactic acid creeped in and I slowed down to normal speed for the rest of the 200 yards. I forgot how much swimming hurts if attempting to sprint the entire thing, oops. The rest of the triathlon went well, pushed hard throughout the bike and run and I even ran the last mile in ~7 minutes. No knee pain!

I finished the triathlon excited that I finished it and I felt pretty good. I may pick another triathlon this year. Do you have recommendations on local Sprint or Olympic distance races?

Ancient history pictures, Wildflower Triathlon 2001:

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