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I've heard about going up to Barr Camp for years now.  It's a very common training route for those getting ready for Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon.

But, until today, I had not done the full route from base of mountain to Barr Camp.  I did take the cog once last year to Mountain View, stopped by Barr Camp en route to the Peak.

I've run to the top of the W's several times.  I've done a workout at the top of the Peak to treeline (top 3 miles).  But, I hadn't been to Barr Camp.

And last weekend, I was close to having a panic attack.  I felt like I wasn't ready because I hadn't been to Barr Camp.  Everyone else has done it, why haven't I?  

Thankfully, I finally did it.  

Since I am training for the Ascent, I decided to go up to Barr Camp and then take the cog down to save my legs from the downhill grind.  The run (okay, more of a hike/jog for me) went great, I made it quicker than I planned, and I FINALLY did the run up to Barr Camp.

This was a huge mental hurdle for me and confidence booster for the race day coming up in less than a month now.

And I was pleased to see that there really ARE a few spots where you do run downhill.  It's not just a myth. ;)

Here are a few pictures from Mountain View (10,012 ft) as I waited for the cog to pick me up...

Whew...I think I can do this.  I don't have to run fast, I just need to finish.  August 16th say an extra prayer for me, okay?

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Comment by Shelley Hitz on July 18, 2014 at 3:25pm

Oh wow...that's pretty amazing.  But, yes, it helps me mentally to know what I'm up against!  And good reminder :)

Comment by Sean O'Day on July 18, 2014 at 3:16pm

In 2005, Ryan Hafer won the Ascent without setting foot on Pikes in the preceding months.  However, knowing what you're up against sure can calm oneself down, can't it?  

Make sure you smile when you pass through BC on the 16th.  :)

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