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I Get to Run In Colorado Springs, CO!!

Now I know I am biased because this is where I started my running career, but I am spoiled.  

I was just on vacation in western New York, Bemus Point to be exact, and the humidity just kills me.  I had to go out on runs at 6am and five minutes into the run I was soaking wet and miserable.   I needed the miles so I trudged on not really having any fun.  Last year while in NY, I ran the Firecracker 10k and thought I was going to die from the heat, even though a 10k distance was not a big distance for me.  This year I opted for the 2-mile option that I ran with my daughter.  At the end of two miles you would have thought I had ran a 10k.  With that said, it's going to take a lot of will power to continue to run if I ever moved to NY.

Another place that I fear running is Phoenix, AZ!!!  I grew up there and I am sure I would have heat stroke .25 miles into a run. So, I give major kudos to anyone that runs in Phoenix during the summer.

Did you pick on the title of this article?  Nothing about I have to, I must, I dread!!  I am so lucky that I GET to run here.  Through the Brewers Cup I have connected with so many fellow runners, which eventually led to me being on the 2017 Mighty Marmots team. It seems that there is a run club every day of the week.  With such a variety, I can pick between an easy flat road or trail run one day and the next I can connect with the Incline Club and run up Barr Trail.

For anyone reading this and is a runner I really hope that you have the same mindset as I do that you GET to run.  Where do you get to run?

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Comment by Shana Biese on July 10, 2017 at 12:59pm

I get to run in Red Rock Open Space!! It's my favorite place!!!

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