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I started at my house over by Garden of the Gods and took 31st South, crossed over Hwy 24 past the Red Rock Canyon parking lot and around to 26th St. Took 26th st. south to Lower Gold Camp and past the Section 16 trail head. Took Lower Gold Camp up past the top of the chutes to where the pavement ends. Turned around and back down to 21st St. Took 21st St. south to Cheyenne Mtn Blvd. Took that west to the entrance of Cheyenne Canyon where I stopped to strip down a layer. Took care of that layer and started up the canyon. Something felt weird on my back wheel so I stopped and saw that I had a flat. Not sure how long I had it. I changed the flat and decided to head back home.

Here's a map of the route. It's a great ride. I'm planning on doing the Cheyenne Canyon Hill Climb next month so I've really got to hit some more hills.


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