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Hold your line!!!!

If you have ever been in a bike race you have most likely yelled this at someone or someone yelled it at you.  The last thing you need while riding a bike at top speed or in very technical terrain is another rider cutting you off.  Holding a line is a very important skill in bike riding, whether you are in a group or solo, but it is also important in other sports and something that many athletes do not do well or even realize they should be doing.  I constantly see people heading up the Incline looking like drunken sailors, stumbling all over the place.  The most efficient way to go up hill is the most direct line available, as every additional step you take adds distance and effort.  If the terrain is steep, such as the Incline, it can seem easier to "slalom" up the steps, but it saves energy and distance by simply shortening your stride and heading straight up.  This also applies for less steep trails or hills, like the Barr trail or many others in the area.  Holding your line does not necessarily mean you must always go straight, but your movements off of that line should be controlled and deliberate.  Downhill skiing is a good example of this, you do not just point the tips downhill and go (usually), but you turn and ski the terrain, however when you watch a good skier you can always predict where they are heading next, and thus can avoid them if needed.  I participated in a few trail races this summer and in everyone of them saw other racer that were all over the trail on the uphill, wasting energy and making it hard to pass, and just dangerous while the downhill runners where coming by.  The best way to improve this is to look about six feet ahead of you, where your body will be in a second or two, so you can anticipate where you need to be and adjust appropriately. Concentrate on constant forward motion and shorten your stride if you need to on a steep uphill, stand on the pedals on the uphill on a big instead of doing the "weave" trying to stay on the saddle.  Holding your line is just part of perfecting your form on most outdoor athletic pursuits, and will help to lead to better performance, safety for you and those around you, and improved efficiency and control.


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    Now that's holding a line!!!!!!

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