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With two kids starting school, my wife starting a new job, cross country practice, soccer practice, and trying to work a little myself it has been a crazy week.  One thing that has been bothering me all week is the amount of trash on the Incline.  It has been about four weeks since I went up the Incline, with tapering for the Peak races and recovering, and I could not believe the amount of trash up there.  I counted over twenty empty water and Gatorade bottles left on the steps and on the side of the trail.  I personally carried out three of them in my hands on my second and third trips down the Incline, so I know that no one had left them and was going to go back for them, these were just littered there.  I understand that writing this blog and posting it on this website probably won't do much good as most of the people that frequent this site are responsible trail users who are not so lazy as to intentionally leave their trash out there.  I have been all over this state in the backcountry over this summer and littering seems to be a growing problem no matter where you go, but this amount of trash on the Incline just amazes me.  I know that there is a growing movement through this website, Incline Club members, and others to help to keep the Incline clean, so let me send out my appreciation to those that are working to try to keep one of the prominent trails in our area trash free.  Users of the Incline need to realize that it is still not legal and if it appears that the general user population can not respect the trail it may not become legal.  Again thanks to all that work to keep our backyard litter free, and perhaps someone who feels that it is not their responsibility to carry their trash out will read this and reconsider, but having seen some of the folks that choose to turn the Incline into a landfill, this website is probably not the medium to reach them.  Hopefully life will slow a little next week so I can have a more thoughtful blog post that pertains to training/fitness instead of just venting.  But in the mean time I hope everyone enjoys what is in my opinion the start of the best time of year in Colorado.


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