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Cupcake, NO…Suffering…YES! Summer Roundup Race Report



I find myself hiding from another torrential downpour in my house just a mere 14 days (OMG) from what might be the hardest thing I have ever attempted.  Ok, it WILL absolutely be the hardest challenge I have ever signed up for without a doubt!  Where has the time gone?  I’m a bit behind in the updates so grab some sports beans and an electrolyte enhanced sports drink that only kind of tastes good and I’ll attempt to get through the last few weeks. 


Cupcake, NO…Suffering…YES!

Summer Roundup Race Report


The Summer Roundup 2011…I crossed the finish line as expected!  YES! (Humor me, it was a small victory kind of day).  My goal: 1:05.  My time: 1:13.  Now when you think of times to meet for lunch, or how late you were dancing at the bar, 8 minutes really doesn’t seem like a lot of time.  But when you are running up High Drive for what seems like an hour watching your hopes for a 1:05 slip by as your legs and belly just will not cooperate, 8 minutes feels like eternity. 


The day started well.  Woke up on time.  It wasn’t raining!  Danielle surprised me at the house when she picked me up with her running shoes on, a race number attached and the pom-poms at home, she finally felt good enough to run!  I was excited, a little nervous but mostly excited.  We got to the park with plenty of time to check in with the port-a-potty line…twice, say hello to the other PikesPeakSports.us runners and find Kyle.  Susie and Dave weren’t running the race; they had run ahead and were planning to be the high drive cheering squad.   I knew from the first step that it was going to be a struggle and I was right.  I managed to get through the park with the help and witty banter of Danielle and Kyle.  Aaron  “I didn’t train” Atwood goes sailing past me with a little elbow check on his way.  Kyle could tell immediately that I wasn’t having fun and piped up with a “c’mon Amy, you aren’t going to let me beat you in another running event are you?!”  The reality was he would certainly beat me and I was not “letting” him at all, just not in the cards for me to run fast (ish)…this race would be just a matter of survival with my biggest fans out there on the course cheering me on.  I was happy to find Brandon sailing along as expected looking stronger than ever.  High fives to the other Pikespeaksports.us runners, both Jen and Alexis had great big smiles and also looked strong and comfortable on their treks up High Drive.  Surprised by another Spivey and two mini-Spivey’s cheering their hearts out for Danielle and I with high fives and pom-poms.  Dave and Susie smiled and encouraged and smiled and encouraged…I don’t think I have ever wished for Dave to pull me up a hill in a little red wagon more than I did on my trek up high drive that day.  I’m sure it still would have been faster than my shuffle.  But even on an off day I once again was able to spend my morning running in one of my favorite events with four of my favorite people, supported by even more of my favorite people…could that ever be bad?!   I ran as fast as I could to the finish line…would have been terrible to miss our reservations at Adam’s Mountain Café! 


…Stay tuned for Barr Trail Mountain Race and babysitters!

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Comment by Danielle Spivey on August 7, 2011 at 8:39pm
What a fun day that was
Except for the first hill, that middle hill oh yeah and high drive
Always fun to suffer with you my dear Amy cotccc
Your double is coming up and I'll be there with pom poms like you surprised me with day
Cheers to all the miles together
Comment by Craig Spivey on August 7, 2011 at 8:38pm
The two mini-Spivey love to cheer for the Amy chick, Run Amy, Run!

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