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Onlt 6 days away from the final leg of the Triple Crown, the Pikes Peak Ascent!

Though this year I sort of ended up doing this in a whim, I have no regrets after entering the Ascent one night after that extra glass of wine I indulged myself with while i gazed up at that mountain.

Then came becoming a marmot and blogging for pikespeaksports.us for the Triple Crown of Running as the "retread" marmot( thanks, Tim Bergsten and Ron Ilgen for having me!). It’s been fun to blog and experience this more as a mid pack person this time around.

I look back at my preparation, and there are many weeks I can count my running miles on one hand. But, add in the hiking in the mountain, and it’s more....Hopefully teaching so many exercise classes(yes, some were "cardio") will be helpful. I am an experiment this year for sure!

Regardless, I loved setting the goal of completing the Triple Crown of Running, look forward to hopefully getting another finishers medal!

Thanks to Alex for helping me focus on a training Ascent last week so I am able to set my goal at about 4:30 and having a blast on the Peak a few time enjoying new trails, to Donna and Daryl for being fun and crazy to train and travel with me and my husband(and for shortening your distance so we could join you!), and to sole sisters for letting me jog and run with a group of fun girls of all ages on Thursdays at Colorado Running Company.

This is always such a great way to close the summer season and enter into Fall. You can all place bets on whether you think I'll ever do this again or not! 

Good luck everyone!

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