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Unforgetable year at 2018 Pikes Peak Ascent

     The third and final leg of the 2018 Triple Crown of running is in the record books now, the Pikes Peak Ascent.

     It’s old news by now, but due to the inclement weather forecast, the race was shortened to end at Barr Camp.  The day before the race large hail pummeled Manitou Springs, damaging vehicles and frightening race participants, reminding race directors, volunteers, and race veterans all too much of the blizzard of 2008 that hit on Ascent day that year.



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Countdown to Pikes Peak Ascent

Onlt 6 days away from the final leg of the Triple Crown, the Pikes Peak Ascent!

Though this year I sort of ended up doing this in a whim, I have no regrets after entering the Ascent one night after that extra glass of wine I indulged myself with while i gazed up at that mountain.…


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50-year Olympic Marathon Celebration in Alamosa

The last weekend of July, my husband and I took a weekend road trip south(last time it was north) to Alamosa, Colorado and to then Taos New Mexico, one night at each venue.

We started our sight seeing by visiting Fort Garland Museum with friends Donna and Daryl, who also share a passion for sight seeing and are…


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Trails to hike and run in Blackhawk, Colorado

My recently retired husband and I enjoyed a 2 night midweek escape in Blackhawk, Colorado this past week, which gave me a chance to start focusing on some altitude training for the third and final leg of the Tiple Crown of Running.

In addition to enjoying the dining, socialing, swimming and a little gambling(we…


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New Summer Roundup Race Adventures

 The second leg of the Triple Crown of Running was the inaugural running of the Summer  Roundup Half Marathon in Cheyenne State Park.

In the past, the second leg has always been the shortest race of the three, and the only one that varies, but lengthening this race to a half marathon on rugged terrain , despite my inner whining , made sense on many levels. Many runners where in pursuit of the 3:30:00 cutoff to prove their…


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Easy Logistics on Pikes Peak

Summer is the busiest time for sure in my chosen profession !

That is why having Pikes Peak in my backyard is such a luxury for me since life/work balance is the most challenging this time of year.

Monday, with a rare morning off from work, I made a rather spontaneous choice to ascend the Pikes Peak,arriving at the first shuttle of the day at 6 am (and a nice visit with my friends Daryl and Donna) to start off the Ascent with a trip up the incline steps. 

As I…


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Fathers Day on Pikes Peak

Even though my own father passed away over a year and a half ago, i still like to keep up our tradition of going up Pikes Peak every Fathers day.

This was my first time clear up on Barr Trail since the race last year, as is the case most years. This year was different due to complete lack of any snow whatsoever.…


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meeting of the marmots, perfect 10

I got the opportunity  to meet my new fellow marmot teammates a few days before the first race of the Triple Crown Series that we where all going to blog about together.

We met father marmot Tim at the Garden of Gods, the venue of the first race, for our team photo shoot. I’d tweaked my knee a little bit at work that day after teaching yoga, spinning, and then a step aerobics class.

I felt a little ridiculous limping through the photo shoot trying to…


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Why Am I Doing This Again?

I was pretty sure I wouldn’t enter this year. I am slowing down allot at age 55 and that second race is pretty intimidating now that it’s a half marathon, but I was in need of some good “trail therapy”by the time i decided to enter the Pikes Peak Ascent. After entering the Ascent, i realized I was also in serious need of a few interim goals along the way to keep me on track, so here I am in the Triple Crown of Running once again.!…


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Triple Crown Ruuning Series 2012--Official end

What a fun and rewarding series of races the Triple Crown Running Series was this year! I did all of the little "extra additions" this year as well, including bringing along a family member to the inaugeral 5k in the Garden of the Gods as well as participating the 10k Road Ascent only a week ago.

I was part of the PikesPeakSportsTripleCrown Runners Team this year, something I wanted to do to become more involved in the running community. For years now, I was always the "rushed…


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Just another fine day on the mountain

The Pikes Peak Ascent is over and another Triple Crown Series is done! This year was quite special and being chosen for the PikesPeakSports.us Triple Crown Runners team was definitely the icing on the cake!

I am not sure how many people have even been reading the blogs, but in a way it does not matter. It has been rewarding for me to write and, again, I thank Tim, Ron,…


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Triple Crown Experiments..Death of a great Olympian....

The Summer is flying by, again!  It always does for me, especially the time I spend training for the Triple Crown.  Only one leg left.  My favorite one.  Pikes Peak.

As I have shared this is my 25th year doing the Pikes Peak races..  A handful of those races have been roundtrips.  Every single year the Peak races, even the DNF's (sad face), have all been…


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Reflections: Eugene, Prefontaine, Losing everything

IMG-20120626-00007.jpg  IMG-20120625-00003.jpg        My latest Blog I spoke of the fire, mostly, which devastated my part of town on the last day of what was a perfect 5 day vacation to tracktown USA, Eugene, Oregon.  Now comes time to talk of this little getaway we…


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Summer Roundup 12k-thank you for sticking with the plan

      What can anyone say?  We are all speechless, what just happened with the Waldo Canyon Fire is beyond comprehension, regardless of our belief systems or any other thing that may divide or unite us from one another.

     I was in flight to Eugene Oregon as the fire erupted, so for 4 days the whole thing was in my peripheral vision.  I checked the internet daily to check the fires status between my visits with the relatives in Oregon, watching the Olympic track an field trials, and…


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Healing from the Garden...and a broken heart

 Last Sunday, the day of the Garden of the Gods 10 Mile Run, I think I experienced the whole gamut of human emotion. Thank goodness I had some loved ones by my side, especially during  the 24 hours following the Garden run.

It was the four of us all day long: my…


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The Garden of the Gods Race and Community!

The Garden of the Gods 10 mile run and 5k(new this year) are truly a celebration of the Community of Colorado Springs.

Think of this before you read on:  In 1879  Charles Elliot Perkins(head of Burlington Railroad at the time) purchased the Gardens 240 acres with the intention of building his home on those acres, next to his rich and famous friend in Glenn Erie,…


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This past weekend I completed a minor milestone --- my first race of 2012! (I did do the New Years 10k on Jan 1 but only as a fun run).

This minor milestone, the BIGWIG Double 5k on May 27 (photos posted compliments of Tim Bergsten himself) will lead to a couple of other milestones this year, namely completing another Triple Crown of Running series, which culminates…


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Cleaning out the Trophy Case


          As one of the more veteran members of the PikesPeakSports.us TripleCrown Runner team members, I am honored  to share perspectives that an older runner/ racer might have after over 34 years experience in this community as well as overseas.

          Maybe it was a mid-life crisis thing (I turn 50 this year) or because I hate cluttler, or perhaps it was because I spent most of last year wondering if I'd ever run again and I needed some closure.  It was…


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