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Dear slick rock and sand,

Our relationship started out sweet. Beautiful views, great weather...I was eager to get to know you better but I've decided that I want to break up. If we ever see each other again, it will be on a bike. While your canted features are stunning and the softness of your red sand is appealing if we were on a beach, I don't appreciate how you get in my shoes and slow me down. You mesmerized me with your seductive views, so much so I fell for you HARD...at mile 2.3. Although I was bloodied and swollen, I gave you the benefit of the doubt and stuck around for 32 more miles. Things did not improve. You continued to abuse my body and my soul. You were relentless. But stubbornly I thought there may be a ray of hope for us. But that was wishful thinking. Even at the end of our affair, you bombarded me with rocks when all I wanted to do was open up to you. But the tough downhill continued. I cursed you, you fought me. But I emerged victorious. I may be bloodied and bruised but you didn't break me. I'm finished.


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