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Are you doing the same things yet expecting different results?

For some of us, that means jumping on the treadmill or elliptical, sweating for an hour and calling it a day.  Why don’t we see the results we expect?  Possibly because the workout routine may be missing one key ingredient and that is muscle development.

Do you think you could take your workout to another level just by combining that cardio component with some strength training exercises?  Absolutely!

We live in a fast paced world and it’s often difficult to maintain a consistent exercise routine, but whatever you’re reasoning, there should be no excuse for neglecting yourself and not maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

I spent $565 on new tires, now why do you care?  I suppose you probably don’t but its something I had to do to be able to drive my car.  When is the last time you spent that type of money on self improvement?  What drives you?  Your body does of course! 

We are willing to spend money on things like new cars, plasma televisions or going out to eat and yet we won’t invest in ourselves to live a healthier lifestyle.  When that car or TV breaks down you have a choice, you can either fix it or buy a new one.  What happens when your body breaks down?  Well you could try and buy new body parts, but that’s much more expensive than if you had invested in your health to begin with.  You could also try and fix it, but sometimes we wait too long and the parts can’t be fixed.  So the solution is to start working on directing our efforts toward a healthier you.  It won’t be easy but living in a broken down body is much harder, especially since we’re living longer.

There is an obesity crisis in America and if you take a look around “convenience” is the American way and that means you have to take action and be active in your own health because the world around you is not going to help.  Give yourself a healthy amount of time if you have a healthy amount of weight to lose. 

Vitality is one thing most of us are missing and the one thing we need.

  • How many of us wake up in the morning as tired as the night before?
  • How many of us are eating foods that take away our energy instead of boosting our natural energy?
  • How many of us are not getting quality exercise everyday?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, there is still hope for you.  Building strength, burning fat and gaining a high level of fitness is hard work and takes discipline.  This is where most of us fall short.  Have you heard the saying “anything worthwhile is never easy”, if it were easy we wouldn’t have the obesity crisis rate in America.

The concept is easy, WE make it too complicated.  Get outdoors, breathe in the “fresh air”, eat as naturally as possible and make challenging yourself enjoyable.  Change is the key to improving your lifestyle.  Change up your routine to keep your body guessing so it doesn’t adapt and plateau.

  • YOU are the one that will make a difference in YOUR life. 
  • YOU are the one that can improve your lifestyle.
  • YOUR efforts and choices will dictate your future.
  • Only YOU can make it happen!

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Comment by Jeff Gallup on January 24, 2012 at 3:41pm

Awesome post!  Makes so much sense, yet most people don't even think about it..    sharing this..  thanks!

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