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To say I am excited to participate in the Pikes Peak Marathon, next week, would be an understatement! To say I am nervous to participate in the PPM, would be an understatement.

I felt my nerves during my drive to participate in the Woodland Park Mayor's Cup, yesterday. Driving towards the west, seeing Pikes Peak in front of me, flooded me with many emotions. Some of those emotions were excitement and others were of doubt and regret.

It has been a lifelong goal to run the marathon and with the injuries I have sustained, over the years, never thought would be possible. Although I am still injured, I am excited and my confidence was regained, a bit, yesterday. I went into yesterday's 5k with the goal of running the whole 5K and I didn't care how fast it was. This would be my first run outside since the Summer Round Up 12K. My training has been mostly spinning and lifting. I have ran 3 times in the last week. Last Saturday, I ran 1 mile, I had a 3 mile run, and then yesterday's 5K. NOT YOUR TYPICAL MARATHON TRAINING, ESPECIALLY FOR ONE OF THE HARDEST MARATHONS IN THE WORLD!

Yesterday's 5K was in Woodland park at about 8,600 feet. I ran a 26:06 and won my age group! First race since I aged up! Now I am 40... I was pleasantly surprised how good I felt! My hours on the spin bike and in the weight room, has paid off!

I want to thank Pikes Peak Sports, The Triple Crown of Running, The Colorado Running Company, Mountain Equipment Recyclers Inc., and of course my Mighty Marmot Team. Without this opportunity to be a Mighty Marmot, I would not be trying to achieve my lifelong goal of conquering that mountain. And, although my training is not "TYPICAL", I am more fit then when I did the Garden of the Gods 10 miler. This opportunity has kept me focused and motivated through this nagging injury!

See you out there!!!!

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