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A Small Adjustment

Well, my 20th birthday has come and gone, unfortunately before my 20th peak was climbed. When I initially challenged myself to climb 20 14ers before my 20th birthday, it seemed monumental. A hefty goal, worthy of all my attention, and significant in my humble summer life. The mountains, along with my training for the Triple Crown, gave me a much-needed purpose in an otherwise slow few months. I let these personal challenges consume me, and regarded them with the utmost importance. I did my…


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A beginner's guide to the Triple Crown

Up until now, my blog posts could be collected and aptly titled "How Not to Train for the Triple Crown," but with the Garden 10-mile under my belt, I'm ready to start really preparing for the Summer Roundup and Ascent. First, though, one more Triple Crown Don't: Don't decide the morning of the 10-miler to wear a pair of shoes you've worn twice and have never run in (I'm sure all you runners are wincing at my naivete right now). Black/non-existent toenails are not a great summer…


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For better or worse...

I just read Jon's (PikesPeakSports.us Triple Crown Team member) most recent post. This last part really stuck out: "Anyhow, looking forward to the Garden.  I just ended a 30 day period which saw me cover two marathons, two 14ers, a 50K, and two 50 milers, so it will be nice to have a short distance weekend.  I think I have a decent shot at a sub 70.".......... I think I can officially say I am incredibly intimidated by the other runners I'm going to encounter tomorrow. I just ended a 30 day…


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20 before 20

The CC class of 2014 (my class) adopted the class motto "Damn, those fourteeners are high!" this year, and though the intended implication doesn't really resonate with me, it did help to inspire a new goal of mine for this summer. I turn 20 in just under a month, and have decided that I want to have climbed 20 of the Colorado fourteeners before then. I'm a little ashamed to say that, in all my years living here, I've only done 10 of them. This summer is fast becoming the most ambitious of my…


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After reading my fellow Pikes Peak Sports Triple Crown team member, Jon Teisher's post about Salida, I feel compelled to write about my favorite mountain town - Telluride. Up until last August I had never been, but after a week-long visit I was hooked. Now I commit myself to that six-hour drive every chance I get, and made the trek last Wednesday for another week. I was there for Mountainfilm (an amazing and awe-inspring film festival), and spent more time in theaters watching…


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It's in my genes...

Well, my last paper has been submitted, and my final exam complete. For better or worse, finals are over and I no longer have an excuse to put off my training. My brain is still feeling a little fried, though, and I'm honestly at a complete loss as to where to even begin. Every time I see Pikes Peak, I get this rush of excitement for the Ascent, but it's always followed by a millisecond of feeling sheer terror in the pit of my stomach.

Right now, though, I’m more nervous for the…


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