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Jack Quinn's Running Club, May 6, Gallery 2

Jack Quinn's Running Club, May 6, Gallery 2

There were about 1,700 runners who signed in to knock out a 5K with the Jack Quinn's Running Club on Tuesday.
That's not unusual for a warm spring day. But this is a surprise: more than 100 of them were new to the club. That number had club officials shaking their heads. Sometimes, they surprise themselves.
The number of longtime members is also increasing rapidly. Josh Stanley picked up his 200-run shirt. And four more, Michael Blake, Roel Estorpe, Amanda Fleming and Anne Selke each completed 100 runs.
Congrats to all and see you next Tuesday!
More pics from the trail here http://www.pikespeaksports.us/photo/albums/jack-quinn-s-running-club-may-6-gallery-1.


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