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Hot times at the Jack Quinn's Running Club, Gallery 1

Hot times at the Jack Quinn's Running Club, Gallery 1

One thing is for sure, the Jack Quinn's Runners will go for it in rain or shine. And on Tuesday, it was all shine. In fact, it was plain ol' hot.
There were 121 newcomers who ran for the first time, and a whopping 71 completed their tenth runs and picked up the coveted Jack Quinn's shirt.
The Boulder Running Company was there taking registrations for the XTERRA Trail Run at Snow Mountain Ranch. Read more here:http://www.pikespeaksports.us/snowmountain.
And Nancy Hobbs, executive director of the American Trail Running Association, stopped by to promote the new Pikes Peak Road Ascent, set for Aug. 28. Read more here: http://www.trailrunner.com/events/pp_road_ascent.htm.
See more photos from the Aug. 9 run here: http://www.pikespeaksports.us/photo/albums/hot-times-at-the-jack-quinn-s-running-club-gallery-2.


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