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  • Steve Flannery

    Thanks for the welcome, Tim. Your site looks great. The folks at Boulder Running Co. told me about you -- it looks like you're providing a great service to our community. Thanks for the opportunity to post info about the Run for Rwanda.
  • Robert Mitchell

    Thanks for the comment Tim. It's another master piece created by Andy Mitchell. We should have some 14er stuff soon too. Hopefully on the trip you decide to go on! Details are still in the works. I'm taking the gang camping this weekend, we should get some good stuff (pictures). Have a great 4th!
  • Nicole Odell

    Unfortunately I couldn't take the bike. I might go through some withdrawal out here! But I had a beautiful run this morning! Forgot how green it can get!
  • Dena Rosenberry

    I thought I'd joined a long time ago. Sorry for the delay! I'll see what I can contribute. ;)
  • Rocio Close

    Hello Tim and thank you for the information! This seems to be an informative site with quite a variety.
  • Victoria Seahorn

    No problem and thank you. Wish I could be out there for the big week-end. I know everyone is excited. I'll be hoping for great weather. It is outrageously hot and humid, here in Hotlanta:-)
  • Tammy Wuerth

    Cool site! Thanks so much :)
  • cmpinco

    I'm already following you on Facebook and often repost your stuff on my skipikespeak Facebook page. Keep that great content coming!
  • Chandra

    Thanks Tim!
    I grew up in Green Mtn Falls, so I know the area quite well, and it's always fun to keep up with things going on at home :) I thought the bike ascent of the Peak was awesome and can't believe it hasn't been organized before now!
  • Mark Maloney

    I am trying to do Segment 2 of the colorado trail with a friend on Thursday. The idea is to park one car at the Scraggy Creek TH and then drive to the South Plattle River TH, but I can not find the road (s) on the map that will allow me to do that. Can you help or refer me to someone who might be able to help. Many thanks, Mark
  • Rob Lucas

    Don't know if you saw but Randi commented that the kilt wearer is Scott Kubina. A group that included several friends was riding to Cripple Creek and were spending the night before riding back on Sunday. They called it the Cripple Creek Crawl and in normal crawl fashion had their SAG wagon stashed with ample amounts of beer. I knew they were riding but didn't know the details.
  • Chris Reynolds

    Thank you for the welcome.
  • Shawna Markiewicz

    Thanks for your welcome, Tim! Our Gravity Run on Oct 30th was a HUGE success - thanks again, and all the work you put into the website!
  • Anya Inman

    Thanks for featuring my photos, Tim! It was great to meet you on Sunday.
  • Lynne Fonda

    Tim, Thanks so much! I'll look forward to bringing my athletes online!!
  • Ann S.

    Thanks much for a warm welcome, Tim!  I look forward to seeing others adventures and sharing a few on the blog. 

    Cheers, Ann

  • Bill Koerner.

    Thanks Tim for broadcasting our appeal for friends of the Incline to step forward and volunteer!


    Bill Koerner, Trails and Open Space Coalition

  • Eric H

    You seem to be up on all the local events.  Have you heard anything regarding the 2011 Assault on the Peak?  I missed it last year due to work and don't want to miss it this year.  Thanks.
  • Anthony (Tony) W. Lutack

    Hi Tim,


    I can not tell you enough about how impressed I am with this site.  I just wish I would have become a member earlier on.  Great job!



  • Nicole Odell

    Happy Birthday!!!!
  • Brian Paul

    Hey Tim, Thanks for the warm welcome! I moved here less than a year ago from Michigan, so I am hoping this site will help me connect with people around here!
  • Jesse Miller

    Thanks, Tim!
  • Trevor

    Noah and I had fun at the Tortoise and Hare run yesterday.  This is a great site, I'm glad we met and look forward to meeting more people in the Springs!
  • Gerald "G Man" Romero

    Hi Tim,  thanks much for the compliment on my Cherry Creek finish.   I believe i beat last years time by a minute and 16 seconds so training and racing season is coming along.   Good sign of things to come this year.  I am getting ready for the big stuff coming up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The best is yet to come from me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Getting ready for Garden 5 mile this Saturday.  Hope to see you there.



  • Wade Genova

    Thanks Tim. Appreciate it.
  • Stephanie Merchant Johnson

    Thanks, Tim!  I'm not gonna' lie, it kicked my butt!  LOL  But WOW, was it awesome!  Plan to do it again and again!
  • Frank Stapanowich

    I do think I've seen him around somewhere!
  • Andrew Shotwell

    Here's a really cool video story worth watching if you get the chance:


  • Thomas E. Berg


    Excellent reporting on the race itself.  2 jobs well done.


  • Briana Ley Ferguson

    Hi Tim, I am new to this site so am learning how all of this stuff works! I want to thank you for all of your hard work... results, photos, helping at events, and keeping this site etc.!  It is cool what you do!  Briana Ferguson
  • Briana Ley Ferguson

    You bet!  Hope to catch you at another event soon! Briana
  • Briana Ley Ferguson

    Fantastic, thank you, Tim!  I received your welcome note and look forward to digging into the details that you shared and I hope to participate in discussions as well as take some time to update my page etc.  That is good news for the ICers, I am a newby with them too, and I have much appreciation for the support you are giving them.  I have not been making the Thurs. tempo runs, but am planning to go up to Barr Camp (3rd time) or perhaps all of the way to the summit with the ICers tomorrow.  Have a good/safe long weekend!  Sincerely, Briana

  • Briana Ley Ferguson

    Hey Tim... I was thinking about it, did you mean the Incline Club or the Incliners Group?  Either way... it is still good support for the running community!  Hey FYI... I went to the summit today... totally humbled by beautiful mother nature and the challenge!  I was going to come back down from Barr Camp, but saw very cool fellow runners who encouraged to go all of the way up (I am so glad/lucky) and they also helped me catch a ride down.  BTW... thanks to the heightened awareness about littering, I think it is helping as the trails looked better, shy of perfect though!  Thanks, Briana
  • Briana Ley Ferguson

    LOL... I thought so in hind sight!
  • John Felps

    Can I upload race/exercise routes? (like google earth kmz files?)
  • Gerald "G Man" Romero

    Hi Tim, just wanted to say thanks for your message and wishing me well.  My best races are yet to come this year once I get healed up!!  I might come watch the finish of BTMR this Sunday.  It is just so hard to stand there at the finish and watch all of the competitors come in and finish when you have to be out of the action.  It just kills you inside!!!!!!!!!!   I am going to do the Alex Hoag 5k this Saturday because I am dying to race!!!!!!!!!! and i dont think the 5k will do any harm to me and see how my knee feels.   As I have been all year - I am posting all of my race results, thoughts, and notes on how I am feeling in my-2011 race log on my page.   As I stated under my Summer Roundup results- I have made a decision not to race Barr Trail Mountain Race on Sunday  : - (   as much as it kills me, I think its what is best for me right now.  Stay in touch and talk to you soon.

    Thank you so much again for wishing me well.  Talk soon.

  • Peter Walke



    Thanks for the info.  I have run on the greenway several times, but I was hoping for a little more terrain variation.  Any ideas?


    Thanks again,


  • Peter Walke

    I'll probably go with GotG to start as it is predictable, but I will definitely look into Cheyenne Mountain State Park.  Any ideas on how to get around the $7 parking fee?
  • Julia Medrano

    Hi Tim,


    Thanks for the information.  My Son and I ran with the UVC on Monday it was a beautiful route and the weather was great!  I also just recently started going to Joe's Boot Camp for Women and I love it:)!  Have a blessed day.



  • steve fleming

    hey  tim:

    wanted to say thanks for keeping me up to date on all the things I care about in the PP region. Really enjoyed the marathon stuff, especially matt carpenter's comments. This is a great site and your interest in these subjects makes it stronger. Pretty cool.

    steve fleming

  • Jeff Gallup

    Hey Tim..  hope the summer has been great.  My mind has been wandering towards the upcoming ski season.  Any chance you'll have promotions/contests for Monarch Mountain again this year? 



  • Jeff Gallup

    Hey Tim... good to see you this morning, even if it was a quick pass by around the lake.  The Turkey Trot Predict was a lot of fun..   Have a good weekend.

  • Andy Rinne

    Tim, thank you for a great year of photos and videos for the community. You have made Colorado springs the place to be for out door sports.
    Sincerely Andy Rinne.
  • Chris Beaudin


    I have a anonymous donor interested in making a significant donation to the Incline group, please direct me who to contact

  • Jack Stevison

    thanks for the welcome note, Tim.


  • chase lacomb

    Are you an "Ordinary Mortal?" If you are contemplating the possible triathlon adventure, a beginner in triathlon competition, an experienced triathlon participant, or anywhere in between...this is the event for you!
    The Ordinary Mortals Triathlon was a successful annual Pueblo happening 20 years ago, with a fabulous  run. Following a recent  hiatus, community members in conjunction with Colorado State University-Pueblo Student Recreation Center and the EXHPR Managing Sports Programs class are reviving the event and adding not only an adult Duathlon to the mix, but a Mini-Mortals triathlon for kids! The triathlon will be run in a reversed, modified order, with the duathlon proceeding in a run-bike-run. The competitions will be chip timed, with awards for the top adult racers and mini participants in all age categories.  This is a USAT sanctioned event. 
    Join us Sunday, April 15th on the Colorado State University-Pueblo campus in Pueblo, Colorado for a 9 a.m. adult race start to give either a Triathlon or Duathlon experience your best effort! 

    Visit our website at www.ordinary-mortals.org for more information, and to register for this exciting venture! 
  • Mary Stark


    Could you please contact me about posting the 5th and Final Max Silver Fun Run on this site?  Thanks so much!

    Mary Stark

    aka Max's mom



  • John Keller


    I'm coordinating the ADT Marathon / Half Marathon Expo and I'm thinking it would be good for you to have a table there to publicize the Super Half. The Expo is on Sunday September 2 from noon until 6PM in the Antlers Hotel, where the 1200 runners will pickup their race packets. 


    We have room for 30 exhibitors. Is that something you're interested in staffing? Let me know.



    John Keller

    PPRR Expo Coordinator


  • Anya Inman

    Tim, let me know if there is a biking (road or mountain) race anytime soon. I need practice shooting cyclists.
  • Hardscrabble Mountain Trail Run

    Agreed! It's awe-inspiring!

    This race will benefit two local land trusts (San Isabel Land Protection Trust and Palmer Land Trust) that are dedicated to this wild and working landscape as well will benefit the Tarahumara Indians from Copper Canyon Mexico.

    We appreciate any support to help us spread the word!