John Felps


Colorado Springs, CO

United States

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  • Tim Bergsten

    Hey John!

    Should have had this to you days ago, but this time of year is crazy busy.

    Thanks for joining, the digital stomping ground for the outdoor community. On this site, you can share your stories, blogs, photos and videos about your fun and active lifestyle. We're looking forward to reading your words and seeing your photos! This site works when you contribute info.
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    Please be sure to join the groups that you like. You can read more here about using the site.

    Please participate in our Forum discussions. (It's a good way to win a T-shirt!) And check out our new Incline group where we have started a list of everyone's personal-best times. It's all for fun...go for it!

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    Thanks again and happy trails!
    Tim Bergsten site manager/editor
  • Brian McCarrie

    Hi John, Tim asked me to respond to your question. Do you want to upload your KMZ file directly to our site or do you want to embed your map from another site?