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What if there was a Colorado Springs Off Road Duathlon Series?

Just thinking out loud here, but why don't we have something like this?

In my limited understanding of local events, one of the reasons there isn't more events is the cost involved. Specifically, the cost of using the roads. An event series like this would rely very little on road usage. Events like this could be done during the off season so they don't interfere with existing events. An event like this could also unite the outdoor community (runners and cyclists) in a common cause.

So were could there be events like this?

You name it, we've got tons of potential venues right here in town.

1. Palmer Park - Centrally located, lots of parking and great trails. So many great trails that the runners and riders probably wouldn't even come into contact.

2. Red Rock Canyon - Easy to get to, right off Highway 24. Plenty of parking at two trail heads and again, great trails.

3. Cheyenne Mountain State Park - This could be the perfect location!

4. The Air Force Academy - Another great location.

5. Upper Cheyenne Canyon - Now that could be an epic race.

6. Bear Creek Park - Imagine a reverse Duathlon were it starts with the bike through Bear Creek Park, you come out on the other side and run to the top of Section 16 and back down, then hop back on your bike and sprint to the finish through Bear Creek Park again!

Just trying to mix my two loves here, Trail Running and Mountain Biking. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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Actually back home such were super popular in MN/WI even in the early 90s until I left in 2001. Not sure how it is these days but I always wanted to do one being I grew up running XC and racing mountain bikes :)

Another cool one, and never got a chance to do it, was a Tri involving mountain biking/xc skiing/running. But that one was during normal XC season in HS so never tried it. Always sounded fun. I've also seen advertised tri's involving canoeing, running, and mountain biking.
Yeah Jon, the more variety, the better as far as I'm concerned. Maybe I'm a little ADD or maybe I just like to do a lot of different things. It would be nice to have some kind of series here on the trails. We've got so many runners and cyclists. Let's mix it up!
I think a low-key series is the way to go: Four races in the Fall (on weekends when the Fall Series is not running) or in April. Treat it as a way to stay in shape late in the year, or as a tune-up for the coming season. The summer months are so packed with events. I think many of the runners will want to stick with their traditional summer schedules. But it also seems as if there is room for more cycling events.
Tim-I agree on the four race series idea. Keep it simple. I'd also suggest a "teams" class....helps bring more peeps into the fray and guys like me who suck at running can pair up with running friends who can't bike :) Kinda helps bring the two crowds together as one.

I'll disagree on "room for more cycling events". Right now there are almost too many. During the main season cyclists, well, mountain bikers anyway I can peak too, have almost too much. Sand Creek Series is a great local series but we lose many riders to the bigger (abliet the whole state) MSC Series which draws from the 5 state region. Winter Park Series is also very very popular for local mountain bikers. Throw in Laramie Enduro, Growler, Breck Epic, Firecracker, Dakota Five-0, and 4-5 24 hour races in a 5-6 hour drive plus even more 12 hour races....it gets almost stupid the amount of overlap.

We could use more road....but road is expensive to set up. Talked to Andy about a Downtown Crit...it would cost around $25k in police and such just to block off the streets for a day! That doesn't include timing yet, numbers, or water jugs! That said, in Vegas a Wed series was done in an Industrial Park loaned by a cycling lover. Not exciting, but it works. :)
Yeah Jon I hear what your saying about all the mountain biking we have in this state. There's a lot to go around I think Tim is specifically talking local. This year we had 1 crit downtown, a hill climb in Cheyenne Canyon, a couple road races out at the Academy, the Wednesday night time trial series and 1 cyclocross race. I know I'd like to see more crits and cyclocross.

I've also talked with a lot of people about the cost of crits. It's crazy what this city expects in payout for such an event.

Even some kind of non-official crit training series would be better than what we have. The Meridian crit races come to mind that they have in Dnever ever Tues and Thurs night during the summer.

When I think of locations for stuff like that, a few places come to mind. The Air Force Academy, Ft. Carson, Pikes Peak Community College and maybe even Focus on the Family. Or maybe early Sunday mornings at either the Citadel or Chapel Hills Mall.

This is the primary reason that I'm thinking a trail duathlons.
Yeah, I'm all about local. Places and events for old hands to stay sharp and new riders to experience a race environment and have some fun. The number of events state-wide is off the charts. And we did have a member ask about road races this fall. Nothing out there locally...or am I missing something? I realize the road guys are thinking cyclocross this time of year - or they're riding trails.
Brian-Great ideas about using Citadel and Chapel Hills Mall....bonus: I bet we could get mall stores to donate prizes and primes for the races plus if they'd help promote the series in the mall we have thousands who walk through those doors daily. Not all cyclists...but mind you get even 2-3 to come out and at least get hooked on watching/supporting races...it's a start.

I've said it once, say it again, really like the trail duatholn idea.

Tim-MTB the touch part is getting the numbers to pull off more races. It's not cheap to even put on a mtb race. Hell Andy has to pay I think $900 just to get Bear Creek for a night...that doesn't include insurance and such even yet. Plus not allowed to sell beer or food.

But working on 3 places which are private property non-profits that would do it for significantly less or for exposure. One place would have beer sales even and food plus we could do cyclocross/mtb/high school series events there.
And of course...duathlons too :)
I'm a little late to this discussion, but I would love to have an off road duathlon series here! All those places you named would be awesome.
Hey better late than never Andrew. I think it would be so cool. What venue do you think would be best?
Brian I think this is a great idea too. I'm always a little surprised duatholons aren't more popular seeing that there is a bit less cost than say a Tri which you typically need a wetsuit for and well we don't have much for water you'd want to sink your body in around here (Fountain Creek? Memorial Lake? Yeah I'll pass!). But a bike and a pair of running shoes do the trick. Hell most people have both. Low barrier to entry. hundreds of miles of trails. Their should be a series. :)
Yeah, right now I'm liking the idea of a reverse duathlon. Typically a duathlon is run followed by a bike and finished up with a run but I'm thinking a Bike/Run/Bike might be more fun. Imagine Palmer Park, the bike starts at the Maiseland Parking area goes up and over to the transition area over by the LazyLand trail head just off of Austin Bluffs. You then run the trails on the North West side of the park from Austin Bluffs up to the Yuca area and back down. Then you hop back on your bike for the all out sprint to the finish back over at the Maiseland Parking area. I'm getting jazzed just thinking about it!


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