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Greg Cummings sets new Incline record with 720 ascents in 196 days

When Greg Cummings stepped on the final tie at the summit of the Incline a small crowd of about 40 people were there to greet him with applause and cheers.
It was a moment fit for a king, the new Incline King.
Cummings set the record for climbs in one year on Saturday, April 5, 2014. He now has 720 ... and he knocked 'em off in 196 days.
He began the adventure on Sept. 22, 2013, with the goal of climbing 1,000 times in a year to promote his new nonprofit Change 4 Diabetes.
Read the story: http://www.pikespeaksports.us/group/theincline/forum/topics/there-is-a-new-incline-king-in-town-greg-cummings-tags-the-top-72

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