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For 32 years, Greg Cummings has had Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). He started, Change 4 Diabetes, a non-profit organization with a single objective...to fund research designed to find a Practical Cure for T1D by the year 2025. To raise awareness, he started-off on a challenging adventure, to hike the Manitou Incline at least 1,000 times in 12 consecutive months and ascend at least 2 million vertical feet! The Incline is an extreme, one mile trail in Colorado that climbs 2,000 vertical feet. This would be an extreme challenge for anyone, but for someone with T1D, it is impossible to imagine and has never been done before! The adventure began on the first day of Fall 2013 and these are his Fall pictures taken at the top of each ascent. The paper he holds contains much information... The large number is the ascent to date. There is also the date, the number of feet climbed so far, and the day number of the adventure followed by exclamation points (beginning on day 80) representing the number of ascents made that day. The paper designs last one full day, then change. He has taken no days off and has climbed the Incline between 2 and 6 times each day. His average is just under 3.5 ascents/day.
Please help us find a Practical Cure for T1D by going to, Change4Diabetes.org and making a small donation...
Enjoy the video!! And, yes, that is Chris Powell and I in one of the pictures.

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