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Friday night I was debating - 6 a.m. start in Manitou - all the to the top of Pikes Peak or an 8 a.m. start at the Cog Railway taking it half way and then running to the top. Either way, a hard workout was in store. I had friends and acquaintances going on both trips so I was debating if I wanted to leave my wife home with the kids and for how long. 

My wife asks: "Are your friends training to win this race?" 

"No," I replied. 

"Have they run this race before?" she asked. 

"Yes, several times each," I explained. 


Here's the kicker....

"Then why are they running it again?" 


I have no response except, "To prove that they still can."


I love her but she just doesn't get this running thing - especially when it leaves her home with the kids on a Saturday while I'm teetering on the edge of puking at 12,000 feet. 

It's hard to explain isn't it? 

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Comment by Alexis Smith on July 29, 2011 at 10:12am

Yes it is.

Enjoy the journey.

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