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One of the most important aspects to running is your shoe. The wrong shoe can wreak havoc on your feet, legs and back, leaving your body achy, sore and can prevent you from running whenever you want to. There are literally hundreds of running shoes to choose from and it can be a little intimidating when shopping for the right shoe. You can spend hundreds of dollars and STILL end up with a shoe that makes running a nightmare. Here are a few things to keep in mind when trying on running shoes and selecting the perfect shoe for you!

The Correct Width

Many people still do not realize that there are varying widths to shoes and most people are either wearing a shoe that is too slender or too wide. If you choose a shoe that is too thin for your foot, it can cause cramping in your feet and swelling in your ankles. Binding your foot is a good way to end a good run in a not so good way. If you are running in a shoe that is too wide, your foot is working overtime. Sliding around and compensating for the lack of support. This can cause muscle strain on your feet, legs and knees, leading to short term pain and sometimes permanent injury in the joints in long run. Make sure your shoe fits your foot properly to avoid problems in the future.

Arch Support

One of the biggest complaints of runners is the lack of arch support and pain in the arch of the foot. Depending on your arch, you should consider what type of arch you have. You may not need much support if your arch is normal, but your shoe may be giving your foot too much support, causing pain and problems that could have easily been avoided. If you are flat footed, chances are good that you do not have enough support. One of the biggest mistakes people make when wearing shoes with greta support is that it takes time for your foot to adjust to the new support. People automatically assume that they will feel better, not worse immediately. Not true. Give your new shoes at least 3 weeks and your feet a chance to adjust to their new home.

Robyn Sorenson is a fitness buff, mother of 2 and professional writer. Her site bodybuildingdream.com is dedicated to helping people learn more about fitness and exercise.

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