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When I first heard the news that the White House was raising the Social Security retirement to 66, I was a bit discouraged. Then, I realized this change comes from the fact that so many of us Baby Boomers are going to live to be centurions. If this is true in my life, I still have 35+ years to enjoy. I’m elated!  

In many ways, I feel like I’ve just begun, and recently I’ve been talking with a lot of other Boomers who feel the same way. I call us, as a group, the “New Old,” and I’m on a quest to help “old” shake-off the negative connotations that still cling to it.  “Old” is in fact one of the best times in life!   

Boomers were blessed to experience the 50ʼs, 60ʼs, 70ʼs. 80ʼs, 90ʼs and the new Millennium. These decades ushered in many unique, historical events—everything from adapting to new Presidents because of assassinations and impeachments to being called hoodlums because they wore their hair in bobs after the British invasion of the Beatles. In order to move through all of those changes, we developed great resiliency.  I believe we could thrive in any era, and our “new old” years will be no exception! 

The New Old are coming out of retirement to create new careers. We are taking up sports that we always wanted to do but didn’t have time for—and I’m not just talking about golf! As you will see from the video at the very bottom of this page, we are taking up RUNNING as just one example of a real physical challenge we are getting into.

I’ve jumped on this trend myself. Running is an old favorite of mine, but I got so busy, I let it fall by the wayside. I’ve also made some other changes in my life; it is the “New” part of my personal “New Old” adventure.  

I decided to take most of the information and knowledge I have learned through all these decades and “Get Anchored.” I didn’t join a weight loss program. (I’ve been there, done that.) Instead, I created a program to make my own choices in foods, nutrition, and workouts. Then, I embarked on a journey to recreate myself with all this learned knowledge.

In my business, I decided that if others were creating empires, so could I. So I did that, and now I invite others to make use of my services to do the same. I took what I was already teaching and applied it to my own business. Rather, than be all over the map, I “anchored” myself to the knowledge I had already learned and put it to work. As you will also see in the video, I’ve used a lot of support to help me with my renaissance. 

Boomers reading this article and viewing the video won’t be surprised to know that we are the fastest growing segment on the Internet. Goodbye, transistor radios and electric typewriters! Bring on the iPodʼs and iPadʼs! Goodbye gas-hogging geezer-mobiles and Sunday afternoon drives! Boomers are cruising onto Future Boulevard in our flex-fueled smart cars! 

shapeimage 24 The New Old
Patti Serrano

Patti Serrano is a six year resident of Colorado, formerly hailing from the beaches of Southern California. After being surprised to receive her Medicare card, she began to develop and explore the “New Old” concept. She is now on a quest to find her 60+ peers who share the inspirational opinion that “old is good.” Patti is active in the online and business communities. She uses her background in business, broadcasting, and public speaking to teach people to overcome their fears of the Internet. You can observe all her latest projects here and find her “New Old” videos here.  

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