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I know, when you think of "sponsored" runners you think of the Olympics, Meb, Shalane, Kara, and the Nike Oregon Project.  The first group that pops into your head is likely not the PikesPeakSports.us Triple Crown Runners.  We are however, much thanks to Orange Theory Fitness, Mountain Equipment Recyclers, and the Pikes Peak Marathon, sponsored athletes.  While I can't speak for all seven of us here, I am also a mere mortal.  In addition to my awesome summer running gig, I work full-time and buy my own shoes.  So, what does race preparation look like for those of us who put in a lot of miles and take the sport seriously but at the end of the day are just normal people who have really defined tan lines and a running shoe to heels ratio of something like 8:0?

To answer that most pressing question, enjoy a photographic look at what I've done to prepare for the Summer Roundup.

Lots of water and NUUN, my favorite electrolyte supplement. 

Get ready to show my Purple and Gold pride.

Get my race day clothes ready...compression socks, favorite sports bra, most comfortable shorts, and of course, my Purple and Gold singlet (You sound like you know what you're doing when you have a singlet with sponsors on the back.  Don't let this deceive you, I'm the girl who forgets to pick her feet up and bites the dust on a weekly basis).

Ice bath.  Brrrr...even when it's 90 degrees outside the initial plunge is miserable.  My problem hip feels a little better afterward though, so I'm hopeful about tomorrow.

Choose the shoes...I'm thinking the green and pink Saucony Peregrines or the Nike Zoom Kigers.

Spend some time with the trusty foam roller.

No day would be complete nor race prep proper, without spending some quality time with my pup before going to bed.

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