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Progress In The Making: Recovering From Hip Surgery

A few months ago I wrote about handling recovering from an injury that needed surgery to repair it. It's been just over 3 months since my surgery (More specifically 14 weeks tomorrow as I write this.)

While the time has gone by quickly, it's definitely not an easy process, but I am making good progress and not missing out on too many activities along the way (except for running.) I've been going to physical therapy (Orthopedic Rehabilitation Associates near Powers/Dublin) religiously twice a week. Initially we worked on basic range of motion and strength, and as I've gotten stronger, the exercises get more challenging.

For example, I graduated from basic band walks to doing them in "The Shackles." I started doing leg presses and hamstring curls on the weight machines. We also do exercises that challenge the core. Being an athlete, while I'd rather not be in the situation to have to go to PT, I try to have fun and enjoy the exercises while I'm there. And I'm pretty good about doing the ones I can at home, too.

At 11 weeks I was allowed on the AlterG treadmill. The first session was just walking, but now I can jog as a warm-up at a reduced percentage of my body weight. It might be slow, but I get to stare at Pikes Peak through the window and pretend I'm running out on the trails. I hope to increase my time on the AlterG over the next several weeks and then get released to start running.

I'm swimming a lot (my swim fitness is definitely getting to where it has never been!) and have been on my bike trainer a lot. Base fitness is returning and easy rides feel easy again.

I had my 12 week post-op appointment with my orthopedic doctor at 13 weeks and have been given the all clear to ride outside. This is awesome, especially since it has dumped snow on us and the temperatures have plummeted. Oh trainer, how I love you so...

OK, enough of the "boring" stuff. Here's a little more on what I've been doing during my recovery.

  • Went to spectate at the Colorado Cyclocross Championships.  Photos
  • Volunteered for two days of the Cyclocross National Championships. Awesome to be right next to the course while Katie Compton smashed the field. Photos and a Blog
  • Performed a few lactate threshold tests. I now offer testing at Boulder Running Company, Cafe Velo, and Vital Personal Performance Center.
  • Working with the Garden Ranch YMCA to get a triathlon program going. It's geared towards all levels - call 593-9622 to sign up! ;-) It's going to be awesome!
  • Attended the Colorado High School Coaches Association Track/Cross Country clinic. I love learning about how to be a better coach!
  • Volunteered at the Super Half Marathon Jack Quinn's Running Club Aid Station 2. It might have been cold, but someone had to hand out water and gatorade!  Photos
  • Various other things - daily life is pretty normal. Athletic life is slowly returning back to normal.* (more "life" details on my personal blog, nicoledrummer.com)

*there may be a curveball here, as my other hip started to bother me recently and isn't letting up. So, the best way to know what's going on is to do an MRA just like was done on the left hip. That'll let us know if I just have some weird compensation pain or there is another issue. MRA is scheduled for 2/12, follow up for results on 2/14. I will definitely keep my PikesPeakSports.us family posted. Life might throw curveballs but we stay strong and get through it!

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