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Next time I will solicit donations for my walk-a-thon...

Back to the drawing board.  Once again, Pikes handed me my ass on race day.  I’ve run up the mountain faster when I lived at sea level in Austin than I have the last two years.

I was on pace through No Name Creek, but I knew from the moment the course turned onto Ruxton that I wouldn’t be able to execute.  Really struggled between No Name and Barr Camp, and I hiked it in from Barr Camp.  3:28 and change, once again failing miserably in my effort to join the sub three club.

Trying to figure out why this mess happened.  Don’t think I’m still hurting from Hardrock, but I wonder if a three week taper and two weeks off afterwards causes a huge loss in fitness.  Definitely lots to think about for the 2013 plan of attack.

Luckily I didn’t have too much time to dwell on my lousy race.  Off the mountain and out to Leadville, I crewed and paced for a friend of mine and watched lots of other locals battle it out at the Leadville Trail 100.  Lots of inspiring efforts, lots of heartbreaking defeats.  And just to top off my endurance fix, I bolted back to Manitou to watch the Marathon finishers.  Other than my crappy race, it was a fantastic weekend watching so many of my friends getting after it.

Next up is a switching of the gears as I attempt to run a fast fall marathon.  I’ve never been to New York City, but I think the best way to tour the Big Apple would be to run the marathon.  And I wouldn’t mind celebrating a PR with some Yuengling.  I’ll continue to post here from time to time in case anyone is interested in following along.

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Comment by Sharon Anne Greenbaum on August 21, 2012 at 7:13am

Congrats for finishing--remember that is always the first level of success--I had regrets the year I was going for sub three and decided to walk off the course and back to Manitou(20years ago) Good job!

Comment by Bill Beagle on August 20, 2012 at 4:50pm

P.S. Crappy race for you maybe, but ya got'er done. Heck JT, you know, any day you summit a 14'er and walk off in one piece, that ain't a bad day@

Comment by Bill Beagle on August 20, 2012 at 4:49pm

Maybe it's because you've put more miles on this summer than my 97 VW Jetta has on it. Keep bloggin'  I'll follow!

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