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My first ever trail running race at Cheyenne Mountain

Today I ran the Cheyenne mountain trail race and it was a beautiful day there was a lot of runners there. I started off running with Melissa and it was a pill about 3 miles .

And then we went through the trail it was not that hard I deal with some rocks some motels and then I fell a little but I got up it was great but I’m OK actually so we made it through and I had a good time and it was a great opportunity and was a great thing to run at so I know we have a lot of things and running to do this summer so I can’t wait to see you can follow me through this journey and hopefully to reach my goal and so everybody what I can do and I can’t wait to see this and hopefully everybody including the world to know about me more so I just hope for me if you can tell me what I’m doing and hopefully you can follow me into this.

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