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Mountain Equipment Recyclers -- Military Assistance Mission

In his song Natural Forces, Lyle Lovett writes “…as I sit here safe at home, with a cold Coors Light and the TV on, all the sacrifice, and the death and war, Lord I pray that I’m worth fighting for.” This thought is the premise for the Military Assistance Program at Mountain Equipment Recyclers, Inc. The owners of the company are motivated by a sense of humility and responsibility to help those who have sacrificed to protect us.

The struggles of soldiers and their families dealing with multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan are well documented. Whether they are emotional or physical challenges, our mission is to assist in any way possible.

For every donated item, Mountain Equipment Recyclers, Inc. will give 50% of the sale to local non-profits assisting soldiers. For every consigned item sold, 5% of the sale will be given to the same non-profit organizations.

With this policy, your donated or consigned item, whether its a $10 shirt, or a $1,000 bike, will benefit our local soldiers.

The Military Assistance Program at Mountain Equipment Recyclers, Inc. follows the lead of other companies such as Toms Shoes (www.toms.com) and Patagonia (www.patagonia.com). Toms Shoes operates on a simple premise; for every pair of shoes purchased, another pair is given to someone in need. Patagonia has multiple environmental causes which are highlighted at http://www.patagonia.com/web/us/environmentalism. This blend of profit-seeking business, with a social conscience, is a needed shift in a world where profits tend to reign over care for others.

Our goal is simple. Give assistance to our soldiers where it is needed.

Feel free to send us a message or stop by the store for more information.

“Natural Forces” by Lyle Lovett

Visit us at www.merecyclers.com

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