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Laced up and ready to go. Ready or not my Ascent training has been yet another experience with many life lessons. Training hurts. It hurts physically, and it hurts mentally at times. Discipline is probably one of the most challenging things when it comes to running up a mountain. After spending about 3 weeks at sea level I really had to step up my game after the Garden of the Gods 10 mile. I loved the Summer Roundup Race although my suggestion would be to mark the uphill portion of the course with a skull and crossbones! I have to admit that if it wasn’t for the purple and gold I was wearing that day, I might have had a bad attitude. That’s what I love about running. It is a constant journey for me, and although this year has already been so different in regard to training- these are some of the things that keep me alive on the trail:

Mental toughness is the key to being successful at anything. If you think it’s too hard- it is. If you think you have what it takes to tackle another “uphill”- you do!

When it hurts the most- SMILE.

TRAIN. Train your body and train your mind. It is going to hurt some days, but when it does just remember, YOU ARE OUT THERE!!! You will never regret time on your feet.

Positivity can get you through any hard time.

You are tough. If you believe it, it’s true.

Prepare. This means good rest, good nutrition, and a good attitude for what’s to come.

Being good at something takes time. Don’t  be so hard on yourself.

Be Proud. Proud of who you are and what you have found within yourself to get out there.

Think of the end result. I will never regret getting to the top of that mountain again so I am going to do whatever it takes to make sure it happens.

I have mentioned them before, but my buddies are what make running fun for me. If I could give any advice to a new runner it would be to find a buddy. Find someone who will get you out there. Find someone who will keep you running. The crew I run with- known as BRT (Bubba’s Run Team) has made running come alive! We have become more than running buddies- we are a family. The laughter after all of the strenuous miles are some of my greatest memories.  Each one of them encourage me to work hard and play harder! If it weren’t for them, running to the top of Pikes Peak would have never crossed my mind. So now the countdown begins. In a few short weeks we will be pushing our way to the top of America’s Mountain. For some of my buddies, they will embrace the marathon. I am humbled to be physically able to complete such a task, but what’s more is the opportunity to be doing it with the greatest running community in the world.

I have included a song that reminds me of my running crew. BRT, this song is for you! Each and every one of you have taught me to live life to the fullest and to give my all! Enjoy!


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