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Here's to starting 2015 as a good leg owner

Just a few more hours of 2014 and I couldn't be a happier runner. After the femur-calamity, closely followed by the tibia-tragedy I a more than ready to turn the page and start a new year.  I'm starting 2015 with some nicely regrown bones, courtesy of Simon Guiterrez at Select PT, more commonly know as Simon the Great.  I plan on being a good leg owner this year - you know, giving them days off, having nice conversations with them, taking them for a pool run at least once a week, etc. Not everyone has the grace and horrible downhill running skills to stress fracture both legs in the same season. Since I am among the lucky few who have proven myself more than capable of such a feat, I plan to run 2015 smart - and hope that running fast, and running hard will come eventually if I first commit myself to training smart.  

Now, like the average 23 year old runner, I'm always up for a challenge, or a bet, or a long run, so being a good leg owner is going to be a challenge.  But,I also realize that even though I'm starting off the new year with sort of new legs, I still have 204 other bones that I am not willing to sacrifice to the trail gods. Just in case you loyal readers have forgotten, the trail gods have received plenty of sacrifices from me this year - like two perfectly nice bones and a lot of skin.

Major injuries and minor bloodshed aside, 2014 was a pretty exciting year - I moved up in the world...just over 6,000 feet in fact from Illinois, ran my first Triple Crown, fell in love with running uphill, and fell in with an amazing, talented, and fun group of runners.  2015 has the potential to be even better if I am a smart runner who prioritizes staying healthy.

Here's to a happy, healthy 2015 full of long runs made longer by getting lost in the woods, the promise of good beer after a good run, and new adventures with running friends - of the two-legged and four-legged variety. It's been fun running with you in 2014, see you bright, cold,and early at the tomorrow's Rescue Run!

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