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Results from the Ponderous Posterior Fat Ass trail marathon.  I'm guessing about half the field didn't bother to write their time down.

Photos: Start of the Ponderous Posterior 50K ** Video, Runners hit the trail at sunrise

Incredible January weather with temps in the mid to upper 50s.  Long course was approximately 25.4 miles, with the JV route clocking in around 18 miles.  The course showed off some of the better trails in the region: Red Rock Canyon, High Drive, the Chutes, the Columbine Trail, Gold Camp Road, Buckhorn, 666, Section 16, and finally the beautiful Midland Trail.

Thanks to Team CRUD for all the help in putting this event on.


Scott Spillman  3:45

Jay M  4:01

Bryan Williams  4:09

Rocque Venzor  4:16

Nick Clark  4:18

Scott Jurek  4:20

Nick Pedetella 4:20

Corky Dean  4:33

Jeff Mohrman  4:40

Harsha Nagaraj 4:44

Ted Z  4:50

Richard Bennett  4:50

Paul Sullivan 4:50

Adam Wade  4:51

Cory Leppert  4:56

Adam M  4:57

Slow Aaron Marks 5:04

Carson Rickey  5:09

Ryan Krol  5:10

Marc Pevateaux  5:16

Chris Boyak  5:29

Jaime Yerba  5:30

Jesse Grizzle  5:34

Thomas Dinwoodie  5:34

John Gardner  5:37

Garry Harrington  6:00

Phil Goulding  6:15

JT  6:44


Jenni Leppert  4:56

Amanda Ewing  4:59

Rachel Garcia  4:59

Elisa Sundhall  4:59

Katie Robinson  5:19

Hillary Allen  5:30

Lisa Purel  5:39

JV Loop:

Amy Perez  3:05

Wes Thurman  3:20

Sean O'Day 3:20

Brooks Williams  3:30

Louise Kriel  3:35

Val Zajac  3:35

Kerry Page  4:34

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