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Deep Snow run set up - MicroSpikes - 1st try

My first ascent up the Incline, with the Spikes was interesting! It took me a little while to become accustomed to them; specifically, how to plant my foot, on each step. With the snow beginning to melt, a lot of "ties' were exposed. With the substantial spikes on this great winter tool, a couple times I found a spike 'catching' on the wood. So, I then needed to watch carefully where, and how, I planted my foot. A fellow passed me (running) with them on his feet. I said "how much do you love these!". He said "I love them a lot more on the way down".

For those who have the resources to have more than one pair of snow/ice traction devices, or may be climbing only to the 'bailout', I can see having: 1) Yak Traks, and 2) MicroSpikes, for specific conditions. These are definitely for deep snow and ice! I love them! The elastamer (sp?) bands are more malleable than even the Yak Traks, because the material is NOT rubber! I love that about them; so easy to put on and take off. That material also contributes to their light weight.

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Comment by Tim Bergsten on January 14, 2011 at 2:32pm
Great info Lynne, thanks!

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