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Day 1 Post-Incline: A Runner's Gotta Run

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back on the trail.  That's my mentality in gearing up for the Triple Crown and other summer races.  I was surprisingly "unsore" this morning, despite the miles and ridiculous hills (...or, more accurately, mountains) that I put in yesterday.  As the day wore on though, I began to feel like I would have fit in well with a group of geriatrics around a bridge table!  It's not the uphill that killed my legs; my quads are screaming about the downhill they endured - and even enjoyed - on Barr Trail yesterday.  

Being a runner who looks forward to every mile, I cannot bring myself to skip a workout.  So, I decided to put in a few miles and hopefully work some of the ouch-factor out of my muscles.  I managed nearly 4 miles on the Greenway around CC after work (I was planning on 3, so I'm considering it a win). That little jaunt was followed with 15 minutes of foam roller-inflicted agony and now I feel awesome!  Really, in the moment rolling out my quads had me fighting back tears, but it made a huge difference.  Tomorrow I'll be back at it again, even if I haven't quite worked the Incline out of my legs.

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