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The following is the real-time reports from Travis, who was climbing with the hiker who fell and died while climbing on Little Bear. More links below.
"Today me and Kevin8020 were hiking the hourglass just shy of the summit of Little Bear Peak. The hourglass was completely iced over and was unpassible, we decided to take a ledge on the left side of the hourglass and decided to wait and see if the sun would help melt anything out. 30 seconds after this decision was made, Kevin's hand/foothold (i could not see all of him) broke lose and he fell several hundred yards down the mountain..
When i got to him he was breathing heavily and both him arms looked broken, both of our spot trackers malfunctioned at a terrible time. I waited 30 minutes by chance that the distress signal did go out, tried to comfort Kevin, and after no response from either Kevin or SaR. I made the hardest decision of my life and had to hike out, leaving my partner behind.
I hiked from just below the summit to the car parked on lake como road not far in at all, 1.4 miles. In just under 3 hours. Then did everything in my power to get to Alamosa and get contact with Sar, within thirty minutes they were contacting me and i provided everything i could. It's now been over 6 hours since i left him and there is one chopper team and one foot team on the way to Kevin.
PLEASE, keep Kevin in your thoughts and prayers."

Travis then posted this on 14ers.com...
"It is with a heavy heart that i must confirm that Kevin has passed away.. He died doing what he loved.
He was a great man with an incredible faith and i have no doubt he will enjoy celebrating with his
savior on the amazing peaks in Heaven.
Eerily Kevin and I ironically both promised each other 2 things should one of us die whilst
climbing. Buddy, i promise you i will do everything possible to fulfill
this. You are loved and will never be forgotten."
This comes from 14ers.com. Here is a link to story from the Associated
, which reports that the Chinook helicopter used in rescue
efforts was grounded when its rear tail rotor struck the ground.
Here is a report from Matt Payne of Colorado Springs, posted on Examiner.com.

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