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Every morning we wake up with the choice - make the best of the day we are given or simply go through the motions of living. And that is just the first choice of the day - there are a million more and sometimes we don't even realize what choice we are making and how they will affect the rest of the day, week, month...  It's not easy to see how much a little choice will reflect when we act in the moment. I've been trying to wake up and choose positivity. After all, I'm waking up to a new day - a new chance to create the person I want to be. Other people might have different ideas, but they are not in charge of my destiny. It is my choice how I will respond and what I will do. This is my trip around the sun - it is what I choose to make of it.

Tomorrow, we all have the choice. Will I affix the number to my bars and join the Ascent Cycling family for the longest race of the season? Or not - will I stay home and miss the party? I know my choice - and I can't think of a better way to celebrate another trip around the sun completed then ride my bikes with a few friends. Yep! Once again, I get to party like a rock star on my birthday on the rocks of CMSP. I hope to see all of my extended riding family joining the fun. The more the merrier - I love company! That doesn't mean I won't want to kick your @$$ if I get the chance... I might be the birthday girl, but I'm not expecting any presents.

Somewhere between the short and fast races that comprise the rest of the series and the 50 mile adventure of last year. One of the few cross country races left in the state and a challenge in it's own right. The 9:00 start group is looking five laps up and round Blackmere, across Cougars Shadow and down Boulder Run, with 4 laps for everyone else. For everyone who thought the last course at CMSP was less then difficult even with the mud and creek crossing, I challenge you to show up. Make the choice to be there. It's going to be a long day. A long fun day with plenty of choices. It will all start with being there - taking the first step towards a new day, week, month and year.

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