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Yesterday I posted a review of 2011, so today I will talk about plans for 2012.

The following three words summarize my plans for 2012 and NEO Endurance Sports & Fitness.

Engage. Educate. Motivate.

My attention will be focused on building NEO Endurance Sports & Fitness into something that you, the endurance athlete, will find as a key resource to help you along your endurance sport journey. I will set out to:

  • Make the NEO Endurance Sports & Fitness blog a solid resource for endurance athletes.
    • For some of this I need your help with your questions for my Ask the Coach column! If I use your question, I will send you a free copy of my eBook, The Triathlete's Guide to Race Week. Comment on the blog with your question or go to the Contact page and send your question with "Ask the Coach" as the subject.
  • Contribute articles to online blogs such as TrainingPeaks, and keep my column going for the Peak Region Cyclist.
  • Give Team NEO athletes the best coaching I can and continue to develop the complete athlete - by staying on top of coaching best practices and current sport science, and giving each athlete the personal attention they deserve.
    • I still have room for more athletes, so let's talk about how I can help you get where you want to be.
  • Develop a local (Colorado Springs area) and online (National!) Team NEO training group. The first target race will be the HITS Triathlon Series in Ft. Collins July 28-29. More details will be coming in early 2012. If you are thinking about this race, or a sprint or Olympic distance race around this time frame, consider joining the Team NEO HITS Squad! (thanks for the name, Jeff!)
And of course I will share my training goals with you as well, although these are not fully defined yet. I am going to start off with some running events and then shift into some bike racing. I am going to give some mountain bike racing a try, and probably race a few tris/dus just to keep from getting too rusty! While I haven't fully completed my race schedule, I do have the following events on tap:
Most of my races in the June-Sept time frame will most likely be local Colorado races. I want to keep my fitness up and push myself to new levels (a year for more speed/power development). But my main focus for 2012 is taking care of the Team NEO athletes and making sure that NEO Endurance Sports & Fitness engages you, educates you, and motivates you. Bring it!
What's on tap for your 2012?

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