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I am obsessed...already.

Hubby, canine and equine children just moved to the beautiful state of Colorado. We have been utterly enjoying the hikes and trails Colorado has to offer.

I have always liked running, but get easily bored with the environment. Recently, I began doing intervals up Mt. Cutler - still feverishly trying to get adjusted to the altitude...or at least, that is my current excuse. Surely, I will have to come up with something else shortly. I was curious about the events Cheyenne Mountain has to offer and came across the Cheyenne Mt Run in October. I was intrigued. Fortunately, the organization offers a 5k. Assuming I could master anything beyond at this point would have been laughable. Then, I hooved it over to REI to get a better water system, conducive to running. At the check out lane, the obligatory magazine rack came into view, and I noticed the Trail Runner magazine. My new obsession has run amok since then. Not having been able to pry myself off the web, looking for more runs, I have now also signed up for the Creede Mtn run in Sept - mind you, the 2 miler - again, anything beyond that would be met with ridicule, by me even.  So, here I am. I finished my first training this morning, watching the optimum heart rate, as recommended by veteran trail runners. I am hooked, I tell you. HOOKED>

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Comment by Kirsten Swenson on July 5, 2015 at 6:51pm

Slowly, but surely trucking...or trail running along. This morning was a tough one. I had a late start, blaming the late 4th of July party ending, copious amounts of wine and heavenly greasy food. Nevertheless, I made 3 mile....peanuts, or peanut crumbles for most of you. And, I come from a 0 ft MSL altitude....

I have decided to up my training heart rate by 10 points. Maybe today, was not the optimal run to do it. Yet, I finished it and rewarded myself with an ice cold Starbucks refresher!!

Comment by Jody Derington on July 1, 2015 at 10:54pm
Great suggestion, Tim! We would love to see you out there for the Blue Moon Trail Series, Kirsten...and July 31 is truly an official "Blue Moon" which you only get about once every 3 years, making it all the more reason to come out that evening for the run. :-)
Comment by Kirsten Swenson on June 30, 2015 at 8:31am


Thank you very much!!!

Comment by Tim Bergsten on June 29, 2015 at 10:08pm

Welcome to the madness, Kirsten!. The Cheyenne Mountain Run 5K would be a great run to begin with. I would like to encourage you to also look at the Blue Moon Trail series. Next race is late July. Runners of all levels and great community feel. Link for more information > http://www.pikespeaksports.us/events/blue-moon-summer-series-trail-....

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