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It is with a heavy heart that I report the loss of an old friend.

On September 4, between 7:30AM and 4PM, someone entered my house, through the garage, and was able to make off with a laptop computer, a half full (or half empty) bottle of cheap gin, and my beloved fixed gear bike.  Luckily the dog was able to scare the intruder off before they could touch my world class growler collection.  

Nobody makes fun of bicyclists and their behavior more than I do.  I'm a runner, and everyone knows we're just so much cooler than our dork cycling friends.  But truth be told, I used my bike to get around quite a bit.  At least once a week to work.  And whenever I went drinking, which had the added community benefit of keeping a drunk from behind the wheel.

I'm not holding out hope of finding the bike.  I'll search craigslist for a few days, maybe drop by a pawn shop or two.  But it's pretty rare that a stolen bike shows up.  My wish is that as the thief rode away from the house, he picked up a lot of speed before realizing he had no idea how to ride a fixie and definitely had no idea how to stop.  Hope the wreck hurt, jerk.

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