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Running for Pepaw!

Am I really climbing Pikes Peak in 48 hours???

My emotions have been swinging wildly this week: "I've got this!"  "I could have trained so much betttttter!" "This will be fun!"  "What was I thinking???"  The usual things that go through your head when you're crazy enough to sign up to run up a mountain. 

The unhappy news that there may be some snow/bad weather this year on the last three miles has put a little bit of a damper on things because I'm an awful…


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Summer Roundup rehash

So much for a race report after Summer Roundup.  My weekend (I'm off weird days) got cut short because of the Hayden Pass Fire, and it's been a hectic couple of weeks since of long days at work, working extra days, the usual this time of year.  Such is the life of a journalist!

But I'm back!

The Ascent is looming, and with each passing day I'm getting more nervous.  I'm really starting to have a nagging…


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Rehabilitating the dreadmill

The prodigal blogger returns!  My June got away from me with work stuff, family visiting and a stomach bug after Garden of the Gods!  But I'm back...and no whiny freakouts about the Ascent this time, haha! 

Summer Roundup is tomorrow!  My "race" plan (if you can even call it that, hence the scare quotes) is similar to Garden of the Gods...I'm just going to treat it as a fun run since I don't think I'm in traditional…


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Eight weeks and a wake up!

Are there really only eight weeks until the Pikes Peak Ascent?

Somewhere along the way, I added a week in my mind, so I had a minor freakout earlier this week when I realized I'd been counting wrong!

I'd been feeling pretty confident about my training, but after learning I'd lost a week, I began panicking that I wasn't doing enough.  Thoughts turned to: I didn't start Ascent training early enough (an injury…


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When thunder roars...why oh why was I still outdoors?

Ah summer...longer days, warmer temps and storms.

Because it's Colorado, and there's always a catch to every season!

It's the biggest tease: the weather is great, I have more light in the day to run, but those pesky storms like to rudely intrude on my training plans!

Running in the morning is out most days -- I start work around 4:30 a.m., so I'd be looking at a 1-2 a.m. start time if I were to run before work!  Plus, who am I kidding, I hate running in the morning! …


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