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I'm writing to announce a few of us have launched Colorado Fat Bike. A means of being proactive about fat bikes in Colorado. With these new bikes we'll be seeing new possibilities for trails and routes that would never be tried with standard mountain bike trails......often because you simply could in no way ride through say the middle of Monument Creek or across the Great Sand Dunes on a normal mountain bike simply because you just can't. 

However with such comes another problem.....education. While IMBA and local advocacy groups such as Medicine Wheel here in Colorado Springs have years of knowledge, education, and studies behind current trail building practices...where will we stand with fat bikes? Will we risk losing out on riding the Great Sand Dunes simply because of lack of education? Are their considerations to consider when designating a shallow creek crossing as "fat bike" friendly such as how to properly build ramps of stone or wood down into and up out of water to prevent erosion? Or is there certain river/creek beds we need to be aware of as bad to be riding through? Types of algae in said water not to disturb?

That's why we're creating Colorado Fat Bike amongst other things. We'd like to see local chapters develop. We'd like to see local races for just fat bikes....even in the summer time. We'd like to facilitate community development based off of such bikes.

We'd also like to see more people on them. One of the interesting things I've found about a Fat Bike is I know people I'd never imagine to want to own a bike want a fat bike because of what it is. It isn't intimidating to them. It just looks "fun" as many people have commented to me. So why not roll with it?

For now we have our Facebook page (Facebook.com/ColoradoFatBike) up. Please join it today and share on your own profiles with friends. We'll have a website up by Spring (www.ColoradoFatBike.com). 


Want to help locally? Contact me directly. We're particularly looking for help from ecologists and environmental experts. Particularly those with an understanding of flowing water dynamics and understanding of sand. We'll also need peeps who just want to get involved with Quarterly Fat Bike Happy hours. 

Thanks for your time. Hope to see some of you out there.

Jon Severson


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You can count me in. Probably should look at doing an environmental impact statement. It could be used to show folks the affects of this type of riding on different soils and water systems. It is the standard used by organizations trying to improve or protect the environment. If done correctly it could establish a standard for improving relations between all trail users. I would be more thanh happy to help out in any way I can. Scott

Awesome! Yes let's chat as that is exactly the direction I'm looking to go. Post to Facebook.com/ColoradoFatBike and we'll take it from there. Love to see how we can fit you in.


We're currently talking to the Catamount Institute as well as local Universities as well.  


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