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Beware Garmin users! This new series (they have discontinued the Forerunner 05 Series) DOES NOT include an Altimeter!! I would ask "What's the point??" I picked up a new 110, and when I went to configure it, found there was no Altimeter. I called the store and we both went online. None of the new series have an Altimeter! I was lucky enough to locate a 305 in Pittsburg; on closeout at $ 149.00. My 205 began having problems picking up the satellite signal, and then it all flew apart (buckle) when I took it off. It was 13 months old. This is beginning to resonate with my PC experiences! So, what is the alternative to Garmin?

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I actually have had a great Experiance with my garmin 305 , discontinued ? Maybe that's why amazon has them for 128.00 .. I love mine but admit to being so excited to run or cycle I often space it out !!
This, apparently is the deal. My Forerunner 205 (fully adequate) had time of day and Altimeter, pace, speed,splits, etc. Doesn't your (older) 305 have the same? When I went to find a 'closed out' 305, it had none of that!! So I went back to my old 205, also on close out. Evidently, at some point, they made the decision to eliminate both (basic) time  of day AND Altimeter!! I was aghast and incredibly frustrated. So I called Central Warehousing in Wa. State. They know EVERYTHING. Yes, they did eliminate time of day and Altimeter and yes, SOME PACE AND SPEED, TOO. They then closed them out in order to introduce to 110-610 series,; none of which contain Altimeter. They have completely eliminated ANY wrist unit with Altimeter. As I explained. I'm a Coach; Altimeter is primary to training my athletes!! After explaining my dilemma, she referred me to a SUUNTO CORE, which is mainly a back country item but it's a wristpiece, and an HRM is also available. It does not have pace or speed however, but has timers. For that, I have decided to bite the bullet and also purchased the Edge 500 Cyclometer, for my bike. it has EVERYTHING!. But now I have the Barometric Altimeter, on BOTH units, I need, when I take my crew running up mountains. Don't EVER waste time talking to a Salesperson! Salespeople sell Inventory; if you want tech info, call the Central Warehouse in Wa. They know everything!  If all you want is a simple running device, without pace, speed, the 110 is your unit. But I suspect you want what you're used to! Just hope your 305 does't break, like mine did (quit picking up satellite signals). Good luck!


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