Tim Bergsten

United States

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  • Theresa Hazelton

    Red Ribbon
  • kimtaylor

    What amazing photos! I sure miss COS!
  • Stephanie Zilch

    Are there more JQ pictures coming from last night? I don't see mine. I would have been one of the last ones... Thanks! :-)
  • Megan Barber

    Tim - love your new website. Will pass the word. Hope to see you soon!
  • Mark Modisette

    Thank you for the welcome!
  • Andy Rinne

    Thank you!!! This a great site for all athletes.
  • Dieter Schnakenberg

    Should make the Quin run tonight but I will be there more like 5:30ish, maybe we get to meet in person.
  • Wade Gardner

    Thanks again, Tim! Great site you have here! It will be fun to explore some more.
  • Cameron Melvin

    If that's the worst thing that happens then life is good.

  • Tracey Cohen

    Hi. I would like to add Half2Run, www.half2run.com the running club whose members strive to run a half marathon in half the states as a link on this site. Will you allow this please? Nancy Hobbs said that you are the person to ask? I would be happy to provide more information and/or answer any questions you may have. Thanks.
  • Bill Tuszynski

    Actually, my favorite photo is from the beer stop at the Mt. Penn Mudfest, combining my two favorite activities.
  • The Colorado Running Company

    Thanks for your help Tim! Do you know if that cool blue allows a header image? Thanks, Randi
  • Donald F. Sanborn

    I should have joined earlier but I've been busy.... that work thing! Are we allowed to post photos from climbs on other continents or are we only allowed to post Pikes Peak region excursions?!
  • Teresa Brown

    Thanks for the coffee this morning! :) It was a fab run!
  • Sylvia Irene Arellano

    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for the welcome! I'm new at this and afraid that I'm not good at keeping up with e-mail stuff... I'm always working, training or enjoying a trail run... however, I'll be spending a bit of time on the incline and Pikes Peak this summer as I will be training for the Ascent and wanted to see if I could join some groups to get me motivated :)! The Incline Group sounds like fun! Do members meet during the weekends?
  • Richard E Keeffe

    Hi Tim,
    Colleen told me about your Blog, so I thought I would check it out. Looks very impressive and well organized.
    The Pikes Peak area really needed a comprehensive outdoor activities reporting venue. Many of the folks who come here do so just to take advantage of the great Rocky Mountains outdoor experiance.
    Good Luck in your new venture!
  • Jason Shaver

    Thanks for helping to promote the David Mueller 5K race! I really appreciate it!