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Are we lucky or what? Captain Jacks, The Chutes, Falcon Trail, Palmer Park, leg-breaking climbs, hair-on-fire descents and everything between. Click "START DISCUSSION" below to share stories and photos about mountain biking in the Pikes Peak Region.
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  • Jeff Shelton

    Right on everyone. I am a little surprised though that nobody mention Ute Pass Trail. I hear that trail is part of "Ring the Peak" trail. Has anyone completed that entire trail???
  • Brian McCarrie

    Great map Mark. This topic is peaking my interest. Hey Jeff, I've been out on the Ute Pass trail. It is a part of the ring the peak system but I think it just puts you out on Highway 24. Not sure.
  • Tim Bergsten

    Hey Jeff...Here is a new story about some ultra runners who did their own "Ring the Peak" run.
  • Rob Lucas

    Headed out for about 50 miles on the mountain bike. Hopefully back in time to shoot some photos of the CTS International Classic cross-country race
  • Jeff Shelton

    Do you know the race results for Breck 100 Mens and B 32 women?
  • Jon Severson

    Thinking of riding Red Rocks today at 4pm. Who's in?
  • Rosie Gonzalez

    Guys, I have an amazing video with Antony Galvin and Todd Seamons...check it out!
  • Rob Lucas

    Heading down to the Colorado Springs Cruisers ride in a little while. Come down and join me for an easy spin on the bike and socializing. Details here.
  • Cameron Chambers

    Bike ride into the night. Tuesday 9/21-Leave from the CTS/Pro Cycling parking lot at 5:00 PM or just after. Bring lights if you have them. 3 hours'ish of riding but you can always turn around sooner. Everyone is welcome, hope to see you there
  • Cameron Chambers

    Great bike ride last night. Thanks for coming Dan. We will do it again sometime soon
  • Bill Schmeister

    Looking for anyone that might want to ride Falcon Trail today around 11am. Depart from parking lot at the North Entrance to AFA, ride down New Santa Fe Trail, cross RR tracks at overpass, ride up to Douglass crossing (approx Mile Marker 6), ride Falcon Loop (13 miles) back to just past MM 6, then reverse course to parking lot. Approx. 26 mile loop, about 2 hrs.
  • Cameron Chambers

    Roll call of who all is going to 24 hours of Moab.
  • Brian McCarrie

    I did 24 Hours of Moab on a 4 man team back in 1999. We completed 13 laps. Not a great finish but it was my first and only 24 hour event. Are you going?
  • Jon Severson

    Please add Bike Clinic Too to your facebook today!
  • Bill Schmeister

    First time ever using a HRM while cycling...
  • Bill Schmeister

  • Cameron Chambers

    Check out this video from Cheyenne Mountain State Park. It was a gorgeous Sunday out on the trails. Thanks Ascent Cycling for putting together the great ride.
  • Jon Zanone

    Quick Falcon Trail report - very icy on the north side (golf course ridge) made worse by the warm up.  Footprints in the snow have iced over and are difficult to ride on.  Not fun at all...
  • Brian McCarrie

    Thanks for the trail report Jon. I'm looking forward to getting back out on the Falcon Trail. Maybe in a couple weeks.
  • Jon Severson

  • Cameron Chambers

    5:30 at the stables for St. Pat Palmer trail ride.

    Trinity Brewery afterwards, probably around 8

  • Jon Severson

    Well we've been meaning to throw together this list for awhile but right when we thought it was done we'd get another email or phone call asking if there was any space left. We still have about 9 places we're waiting to hear back from, but for now this is the final list. We'll add to it should we get any last minute additions:



    2. Kickstand/Denver Cruisers

    3. Women’s Mountain Bike Association

    4. Bike Colorado springs

    5. Tops

    6. Medicine wheel

    5. Imba

    6. Pace

    7. Assisted bicycle tours

    8. Highlands ranch cycling club

    9. Lofty's Bike Art

    10. Manitou bike shop

    11. Bike clinic too

    12. Cos bike club

    13. Cheyenne Mt High School

    14. COMBA

    15. Salida Area TrailBuilders

    16. Betty Bike Bash

    17. SOCO Cycling Team

    18: Bailey Hundo

    19. Colorado Endurance Series

    20. Tour de Cure


    22. Victoria Cycles

    23. Raven Cycles

    24. One Hour Cycling Team

    25. CO High School League

    26. Ride for the Cure

    27. Bandwagon

    28 Old Town

    29 SRM

    30 Tessier Bikes

    31 Salsa/Lazer/The Hub

    32. Vincero/Mosiac

    33. CS West

    34. Angletech

    35. Colorado Cyclist

    36. Rec Rac

    37. Koobi

    38. Ground Up Designs

    39. Upadowna

    40. Kids on Bikes

    41. Sand Creek Sports

    42. "Shiggy's Out There" w/Titus Cycles and On-One Bikes

    43. Colorado Wielersport Gold Sprints

    44. Pactimo

    45. Mecury

    46. Dirtlabs


  • Cameron Chambers

    Come do this ride on Saturday morning. Leaving from the CTS/ProCycling parking lot at 10 AM.
  • Jayson

    Ride Saturday morning. Leaving CTS at 10am. Should be a blast. Plus Cameron Chambers will do a mini skills (cornering) clinic for any takers after the ride. Come All!

    So anybody planning on any RIDES these weekend??? Since it looks like the WEATHER is gonna BE EXCELLENT!!!!
  • Cameron Chambers

    Last Saturday was a blast. We are riding again from CTS/ProCycling parking lot at 10 AM, We would love to have all of you join in, the more the merrier

    Another Mountain Bike Race on 16 April 11 at Cheyenne State Park starting at 9:00am, this race is Sponsored by the Fort Carson MWR. $5.00 for Military (DOD ID Cars Holder's) and  and $20.00 for General Public. This price includes a T-Shirt. To register contact Fort Carson ITR or call 526-5366. Information about race call 526-5176
  • Cameron Chambers

    Yahoo! That is awesome news

    Here is a LINK to the event!!!


    Pics from todays race LOOK AWESOME!!!!! Hopeful will make it up there tomorrow for X-Country portion.

    So happy I just picked up my 2011 Specialized Rockhopper 29 Comp today and was nice when I started riding but then turned cloudy. But that thing MOVES up a hill with NO problems!!!! See ya on the trails!!!!
  • Dave Adair

    Has anyone tried to get on to the Academy this week? Looking for info on whether Falcon Trail is open because of the increased security.
  • Brian McCarrie

    Hey Dave, I heard that South Gate was closed to visitors but North Gate is still open. I don't know this first hand, just heard it on Facebook.
  • Rob Lucas

    I emailed the AFA Visitor Center about riding on the Academy and this is the reply

    The Falcon trail is not open to the public. The only road open to the
    public is the road from the north gate to the Visitor Center. 

  • CODave

    Just driving on, with a badge, was a pain this week! Though it was mid week and during the day, the Santa Fe was deserted as well. Wonder if the South gate is even open.


    Here is the NEW BEAST Brian, see ya this Saturday at Garden of the Gods!!!
  • Tim Bergsten

    Thanks Rob!


  • Cameron Chambers

    I know this is last minute but... Impromptu trail race tonight 6/29/11 at 5:30 in Cheyenne Mountain State Park. We are going to do 4 laps of the MSC XC course. But if you want to do one, two, three whatever, come out for a hardworkout. Main trail head where the races there always start. Don't worry if you do not know the course, it is easy, we will learn ya.
  • CODave

    Can anyone give me some advice on riding in or near Crested Butte? We are heading out Friday for the weekend and I need to find something family friendly but still challenging.

  • Mike and Lorena Wilder

    We have not riden at CB, skied yes, biked no.  While we were there we did check out the maps of the area and they seem to have a very good trail system in place.  The local bike shops will be able to hook you up with a map as well as advice.  Maps are also available at most of the tourist stops like hotels, cafes/restaurants, ect.  This area is on our the "bucket list" of areas we are looking forwar to riding.  Let us know what you think after your ride.
  • CODave

    Thanks Mike & Lorena, I've been to CB in the winter before but never in the summer.... I look forward to the adventure and will keep the group informed of what I find. I googled and came up wirth some great options, thought some may be closed. Conflicting information is so fun.
  • Cameron Chambers

    CODave- the 401 to Rustlers loop is the classic. And honestly any skill level can have fun on that. It climbs a long ways up past Gothic and then paralells the road dropping back down. You can shuttle it or ride from town. Everyone there can point you in the right direction.
  • CODave

    Thanks Cameron, someone online said 401 was closed on the 6/4, but I'll check in when I get there. I appreciate the guidance. Singletracks rates it a black diamond which will scare the wife, but sounds like fun to me! Snodgrass sounds like a great ride too based on my search.

  • Ryan McAfee

    does anyone want to ride buffalo creek on the 4th?
  • Cameron Chambers

    Need a hammer session? Tonight at CMST. Be there 5:30, ready to ride just after.

  • CODave

    For all interested, Crested Butte was fantastic. We rode Snodgrass first, the opening climb really makes you work for the downhill to follow. Gorgeous views no matter where you are on the ride. The climb from Gothic was through field of wild flowers (and some plant I've never seen before.) The opening of the single track on the downhill side was very green, making the trail disappear beyond the straight you were on. Flowing, soft and fast through the pine and aspen groves with welcome shade in the 80+ temps. The final drop back to Washington Gulch Road was a blast! Fast open field with a bridge over the one stream crossing. The 3000 extra feet of altitude certainly made me work for it. The following day we rode parts of Upper Loop and Upper Upper Loop. Great fun as well. The rocky trail certainly kept my focus. When we were lucky enough to be in the woods we got wonderful single track with some good tight turns followed by some technical downhills. The relaxing ride back to town for a pint or two was a great cool down. If you happen to stay on Mt Crested Butte, the shuttle will haul you and your bike up the hill for free if you need the rest after your day on the trails. I can recommend this town very highly. And don't hesitate to take the roadie if you prefer!
  • Tim Bergsten

    Hey Dave! Thanks for the info on Crested Butte. Wish I was there right now.
  • Cameron Chambers

    Awesome Hot Lap ride last night. The hard rain missed CMSP, just enough to give the corners a little extra speed. We upgraded from 1 person to 3 people. At this rate we will have all of COS out there by next summer. Next week 5:30 CMSP, a little different course but same idea. Hope to see a few more of you next week.
  • Jon Severson

    How would you like to see 12 miles of singletrack right downtown? It can happen...