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It's 6 a.m. in The Garden of the Gods and you have the place to yourself. Whether you take to the road or crush some granite, we're all about running around here. Click "START DISCUSSION" below to post your stories, blogs and photos.

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  • Tim Bergsten

    Yeah, you show up and sign in. No real paperwork. Do 10 runs (sign in 10 times) you get the Quinn's Running Club shirt. Do 100, you get a cool long-sleeved shirt. Totally social deal..knock off a 5K, knock back back a couple of beers. We've been down there several times this spring and it's a blast!
  • Trudy L DeCoronado

    Maybe I'll check it out this Tuesday - I usually just through Monument Valley Park am usually feel like the fish swimming upstream when the Quinn runners go by me LOL...I'll skip the beer though - I don't like it LOL but if I ever find one I like and/or can deal w/the smell then I may drink beer LOL...thanks for info!
  • Teresa Brown

    1. I finished!
    2. I did it in an hour and a half!
    3. I had a GREAT time!! Can't wait till next year!
  • Mark Modisette

    50:59 - too many people this year - but loads of fun. I love Boulder.
  • Julie Lindsey

    10th Bolder Boulder today, ran it in 58:12. Always a fun race!
  • Mark Modisette

    You rock Julie! I hope your hip gets better quick.
  • Sonal Modisette

    I finished in 54:08.

    wow Julie - 10 years in a row- congrats!!
  • The Colorado Running Company

    CRC social run tonight at 6pm!!!! Meet at the store before 6pm (we're closed from 6-7) then run in Monument Valley Park and meet back at the store for food and drinks afterward. Hope to see you there! 833 n. Tejon
  • Ashley Canipe

    Hey Everyone! :) I am so thrilled to join this awesome community of runners. Anyways--long story short, I have decided to start running again (I used to run in High School) , and want to train for a 5k with the hopes of adding more difficult races as I get more and more fit. Any tips, advice, or encouragement would be appreciated! I"m so motivated to do this.

  • Tim Bergsten

    Hey Ashley! Welcome aboard. I'll send you a message soon. Best of luck getting back into running. We're going to be at the Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon Expo if you want to swing by and say hello. There are a ton of 5K races in and around Colorado Springs. You should check out the Jack Quinn's Running Club at 5:30 every Tuesday. The Colorado Running Company, Boulder Running Company and Runner's Roost have social runs and/or running programs and workshops. And if you just stop by any of the stores you'll find tons of info. And we carry as much as we can collect. Looking forward to seeing your photos and reports about your progress.
    Contact me any time. Thanks again!
    Tim Bergsten site manager/editor
  • Rebekka Hannula

    welcome Ashley :-)
  • Trudy L DeCoronado

    Completed my 1st Pikes Peak Ascent yesterday - let me tell you it was an AWESOME feeling of accomplishment!!! I can't believe I haven't even been running a year yet and I already have an Ascent under my belt...I'm either too determined or just plain crazy LOL maybe even both LOL...
  • Teresa Brown

    Well done, Trudy!! I'll be running with you next year! :)
  • Rebekka Hannula

    Good job!!!!
  • Rosie Gonzalez

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  • Mark Maloney

    Just joined (Took a new email address). Look forward to receiving some good information and making a contribution. I try to run, bike and swim, or any combintion thereof, on a daily basis. and hope to do the Ascent for the first time next year at the age of 75. Run the Bolder Boulder each year and a few other races, but generally just like to run/hike the mountain trails. Always have a goal(s). This year it was to climb Mt. Whitney to give me the top 4 in the contiguous United States, which I did. See you on the trail.
  • james valdez

    Going to Wheeler canyon next weekend for a 21k trail race. Is anyone else going?????
  • Mark E. Norton

    Ran half marathon on sat.18th of Wright Patterson AFB-Dayton Ohio.Had a great time,while out there visited my family.
  • Mark E. Norton

    Tomorrow is the Exterra run this will be my second time can't wait to get out in the morning.Tough course but a lot of fun.
  • Nora

    Running the half tomorrow and that elevation chart looks tough!!!!!!
  • Nicole Odell

    For anyone not racing tomorrow :-) - I'll be running trails at the Garden of the Gods starting about 7:50 or so starting at the Visitor Center. Let me know if you want to join!
  • Trudy L DeCoronado

    doing the incline in the morning to watch the sunrise if anyone wants to join me otherwise I'll let you know how beautiful it was when I got to the top....trying to force myself to taper this week as I have the Denver R&R marathon next Sunday...sitting around is not my forte'....
  • Mark E. Norton

    Had a great run sat.the Exterra was a good run. had a lot of fun.
  • james valdez

    I also had a wonderful time at xterra Saturday. Was wondering if anyone was doing rocknroll this weekend.
  • Trudy L DeCoronado

    I'm doing the R&R marathon....
  • james valdez

    I am doing the marathon as well. It is my first. Kinda nervous, but in a good way.
  • Nicole Odell

    Weather might not be ideal, but as long as it's not raining hard, I'll be at MVP south (parking lot west of bridge where Cache la Poudre turns to Mesa and Glen) at 5:30 to do nueromuscular and dynamic warm-ups before the Jack Quinn's run. Come and join me!
  • Trudy L DeCoronado

    It's my 1st marathon too - I'm hoping for no more than 4 hours to finish given that it is my 1st marathon....I agree on the nerves but then I always get them before any race except the 5k's LOL
  • Mark E. Norton

    Good luck on the race Trudy & James,didn't sign up for the R & R
  • Trudy L DeCoronado

    Thanks Mark and thanks James....Good luck to you too on Sunday James!!
  • Nicole Odell

    Did you know that Colorado Mountain Brewery (off I-25/interquest) now has a running club? Wednesdays at 6pm. And here's good luck shout out to everyone running this weekend!!
  • Chris Bittinger

    Just a reminder that the High Altitude Running Team (HART) is having the sign up for the Men's Garden of the Gods 10 Miler training program at Boulder Running Company this Sunday Feb. 13th at 2PM.  Cost is $100 and includes a race tech tee,  personnalized schedules, two group training session per week and a special discount on purchases at Boulder Running Company.
  • Brian Paul

    Just curious if anyone here is doing the training runs at Garden of the Gods with PPRR? I want to start going to those. I'll have to start in the slowest group for a while until I get into better shape! Just hoping to meet some people and have fun.
  • Tim Bergsten

    Hey Brian! I'll be running with the slow trails group on Tuesday. Definitely go and check it out. We were there on Tuesday. Great people, really fun time!
  • Brian Paul

    Sounds great, the more I read about it the more excited I get. I will for sure be there tomorrow. I would like to say I will be there on Tuesdays, but I don't get home from work before 11pm on Monday night, so it means a pretty short night for me :-(
  • Ron Ilgen

    Brian, Hope you enjoyed the training run and continue to. And just want to say that we all owe our appreciation to Dave Sorenson for coordinating these and being there bright and early every morning.
  • Brian Paul


    I did enjoy running this morning. In general I really dislike running, but it was a great atmosphere, and everyone was so nice and welcoming. Next time I will be leaving my dog at home, I wasn't sure how she would do, and after the first 3/4 mile she got pretty stubborn with me! Definitely appreciate Dave for putting this together! 

  • Ty

    Brian/Tim - was there Tues & this morning, I will look for you guys next Tuesday.  I run with the fast trail group
  • Tim Bergsten

    Hey Ty!,

    Brian was there. I stayed home to nurse my various sore spots and pulled things. I'm gonna try to be there on Tuesday. Brian has been running with the fast trail guys. I'm sticking with the slow trail runners until all my body parts work. Hopefully see ya Tuesday!

  • Nicole Odell

    Hey Runners! Chris Pannone from Generation UCAN is going to be at Jack Quinn's RC tonight. You can find him sharing a table with Falcon PT - he'll have info about Generation UCAN products as well (disclaimer - I use GenUCAN and love it.) He ran for CU-Boulder a few years ago and just finished 20th overall in the Boston marathon! Be sure to say hi to him!
  • Peter Walke

    Hi folks, new to the group.  I'm looking for a good (preferably trail) run to do with a double jogging stroller.  I get more time to run if I push the kids.  Thanks all, Pete
  • Andrew Shotwell

    Hi Pete,

    You could try doing the Jack Quinn's Running Club: JQRC

    They meet every Tuesday night around 6...part trail part road.

    Most of the trails around here are too rocky for strollers. The Greenway Trail might work for you: Greenway Trail Map

  • Troy French

    Just wondering if there was groups that ran 7-10 miles daily or weekly new to the area and looking for a running group mostly everything I've found is 3 miles
  • Jennifer Stock

    Hi Troy,
    Welcome to the area. A group runs out of Trinity Brewing Co. located on Garden of the Gods Road at 6:00 pm Mondays. The longer route is an 8 mile run to Garden of the Gods and around the main loop.
  • Randi Hitchcock

    Wanted: Running Partner! Need motivation!!! lol I am a west sider and live in Ivywild. I do both road and trail but I am mainly looking to run from 4:15-5:15 on Tue/Thurs in Stratton Open Space near Cheyenne Mtn HS. I'm slower right now cause I've been slacking so, I think I'm around a 9-10 minute mile. I just want to run for fun, not training. Women preferably or a group of people would be cool too! I'll be at the Waldo hike this Sunday if anyone wants to meetup!

  • Randi Hitchcock

    PM, sorry I'm not THAT crazy to get up so early!

  • Jill Suarez

    It's fun getting up early to run .. Waking up and saying who needs coffee!!
  • Tim Bergsten

    Jill, I wake up, I ask "Who needs coffee?" And the answer is always me! Now the new here is that my 17-year-old daughter Laurel, has crawled out of bed at 5:30 a.m. each day this week and demanded that I take her to the gym. So we've been doing planks and lifting a few weights and riding the spin machines ... after I have a cup of coffee, that is. :)

  • Jill Suarez

    Shes inspiring you that's good !! I love my early a.m running .. Starts the day off right
  • Marc Wulfkuhle

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